5 Keys To Strengthen Your Relationship With Mindfulness

"5 Keys To Strengthen Your Relationship With Mindfulness"

Relationship is work and dedication. While everyone wishes to experience the “true” one, everyone isn’t necessarily geared to journey peacefully into a fulfilling relationship. Those who succeed in their partnership are those who have learn how to keep it fresh, interesting, mysterious and ultimately authentic. While there are many ways to revive the romance and the passion, there is also a need to become reacquainted with Love itself and the true commitment it holds. Here isa list of 5 keys to renew, through strength, your relationship so that your connection with your beloved anchors in the deepest core and blossoms through the greatest colors.

1). Connection


Connection – Credit : http://bit.ly/zOedBi

Seek a sense of connection that goes beyond the likeness of hobbies, cultures or interests. Become interested in the core of what brought the two of you together. Imagine that you have nothing to share but yourself, how would your truth nurtures your significant other? The sense of connection is the most essential piece of your love Life. While your mind may get distracted in temporary inessential activities, your heart yearns for true likeness. It seeks an essential memory in which it can fully treasure Life in its purest form.

2). Presence


Presence – Credit : http://bit.ly/wXqdFu

The sense of Presence must be thoroughly practiced in a relationship that wishes to know Love while it may remain wordless, distant or undemonstrated. Too often do lovers expect a return, a loud proof or a clear evidence from their lover. While attentions are welcomed, true Love exists in the simple fact that it is, has been and forever will be no matter what one does. Lovers who desire to expand their sense of togetherness and unity must be willing to rely on their sense of knowingness more than their list of reasons and argumentation.

3). Mystery


Mystery – Credit : http://bit.ly/yhMTLU

Love exists everywhere, yet it is highly intriguing when it must be brought from the unknown. Exploring new sides of the self allows someone to expand his/her own experience and ultimately bring something new to the relationship. While it may be perceived as a way to destabilize the relationship at first, it will ultimately bring it back together as duality ignites the pendulum process for us to find our true center.

4). Simplicity


Simplicity – Credit : http://bit.ly/yLzAez

Relationships that last have a simple recipe: listening, respecting, accepting, understanding, trusting. While these may appear as highly evident when written, they become a true hardship when experienced. The renewal of a relationship lies more in the deepening of what constitutes a relationship at its core than what embellishes it when it is flattened on the surface. Look for simplicity in the moment and reconnect with the essence of a love that requires nothing to exist but a will to be.

5). Carpe Diem

"Carpe Diem"

Carpe Diem – Credit : http://bit.ly/AkmEwJ

A relationship that lasts implies two beings who change constantly and who adapt incessantly. Ultimately they are two strangers systematically learning how to readjust their sense of self-existence while holding their sense of co-existence with one another. This process requires conscious will and dedicated quest to appreciate Life in the moment with gratitude. Lovers who seek a relationship based on a sacred connection must invite the mind to yield the control and learn to surrender to the beauty of the moment. This surrender is the realization of the evanescent nature of Life and the remembrance of the preciosity of the moment. There Love is expressed in its purest and most authentic form.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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  1. Thank you for these reminders! And beautiful photos!

  2. As the quote you included said, saying thank you for the good times is really important. It’s human nature to whine when things aren’t going our way. However, if the only feedback we give is negative, the relationship will quickly turn sour. It’s wonderful to say thank you for the good times, and to say I love you in small ways for no reason at all. 
    When times are hard, a little whining won’t be so bad :-)

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