What Does It Mean To Inspire?

"What does it mean to Inspire?"

Inspiration is one of the most ungraspable concepts of all. It is so subtle that it leaves many speechless when it comes to share it. The artist strives on it. Writers, painters, poets, visionaries and more seek it like they seek the holy grail because it is the fuel of their very expression.

To inspire is to be a channel for this flow and to be a great carrier is to understand what this flow bears. Although it seems as if there is no right way to inspire, there are hints that may help you sense how to be one who can capture the mysterious flow that let everyone’s heart feel expanded.

1). It means to share a Vision

"Share a Vision"

Share a Vision

To inspire is first and foremost to show the ability to give another a way to perceive a new possibility. It takes a dreamer with a passion for Life to be able to push the mind outside of its limitations and an explorer with a heart for curiosity to be able to walk in the wilderness of the unknown. With these two together, you create an “Indiana Jones” of Life and becomes a great messenger of a mind-blowing vision of possibility.

2). It means to share a Presence

"Share a Presence"

Share a Presence

To inspire is to let another feel the presence of something greater than himself or herself. This presence
effortlessly sparks, kindles, animates and fuels the possibility with a sense of limitlessness. It also gives
grounding to the vision. The kind of grounding that a possibility requires to turn into an opportunity.

3). It means to share high Hope

"Share High Hope"

Share High Hope

To inspire is to provide a possible future to an uncertain present from a place of goodness and empowerment. Hope is one of the first state of mine that is felt when one is inspired. The uplifting message must leave a taste of aspiration and optimism strong enough to ignite and renew the quest for inner-potential, inner-talent and will to succeed.

4). It means to share some great Love

"Share Some Great Love"

Share Some Great Love

To inspire is to grant another the sense of being loved and significant. Every single being is longing for Love. Whether it is recognized or unexpressed, Love represents the deepest need for the soul and therefore the most important longing to fulfill. When one inspires, he/she contributes into elevating the vibration of another by pouring kindness, compassion and humanness into his or her Life.

5). It means to share the true You

"Share The True You"

Share The True You

To inspire requires no specific skill and no acquired talent. It demands the most simple way to be and this way is truth. One who finds in his heart the boldness, strength and courage to stand in humility and gratitude before another shall find a way to inspire through his/her empowered essentiality. To inspire is to be true to self and others. The greatest way to show this is to live a life where feelings, thoughts, words and deeds walk the same path.

Live your life so that your footprints made of your choices and decisions will be seen as one legacy of service for humanity. ~Aline

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. This made my day already…Thanks for the positive vibe

  2. Ben says:

    I lead a Bible study class at my Church: and I was looking for something to connect the Trinity
    And I stumbled across your page:
    And you put my thoughts into words that really helped me…so thank you for posting…You put into words more than you know…or do you ?

  3. Amit says:

    Glad you enjoyed our post and inspiration. Oh you love to inspire daily then this is the right place to get inspiration we published inspiration post and some other social networking info. Check daily to get updates. Thanks so much for your reading and comments. Have a great day ((Hugs))

  4. What an beautiful way to look at inspiration. Thank you for sharing. This is by far, one of my favorite blog posts.

  5. Beautiful post! Great “graspable” explanation of inspiration! Loved it!

  6. WOW…this is truly one of the best posts I’ve read in awhile!! LOVE the graphics, too!

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