How To Turn Your Life Around & Embrace A New You

"How To Turn Your Life Around & Embrace A New You"

Life is a flow essentially filled with harmony and balance. While it may not always appear that way, it truly is. When disharmony is felt then it is our duty to seek balance again. The challenge rises when we get stuck in a funk and we tend to spiral down with a life that our eyes perceive. Thank goodness for a greater way to perceive the circumstances! Dead-end invites the mind to bring relativity to the facts, reconsider the situation and create new possibilities.

Here are a few suggestions to come around a dead-end and find a way out to happiness.

1). Remember that Life is harmony

"Remember that Life is harmony"

Remember that Life is harmony

This is the first and most essential element you must bring back to your conscious mind. Harmony exists, whether you recognize it or not, it never goes away. It is the principle of life. Therefore, when your eyes seem to betray harmony, then you must begin to explore new possibility to unveil it. This is the journey of curiosity and open-mindedness.

2). Detach from expectations, re-evaluate your true needs

"Detach from expectations, re-evaluate your true needs"

Detach from expectations, re-evaluate your true needs

When your mind is out of focus, it cannot discern the purpose of your heart. This temporary disability occurs, most of the time, because of expectations and set goals that give your mind a sense of control of its environment. While goals are important, they must remain aims to look for without becoming elements to stress about. Reevaluate your expectations and compare them to your current vision and sense of fulfillment.

3). Understand the mechanic of Life and bring awareness to your thoughts

"Understand the mechanic of Life and bring awareness to your thoughts"

Understand the mechanic of Life and bring awareness to your thoughts

Life is a flow made of subtle materials (Thoughts and emotions). Its current goes wherever your thoughts and emotions flow. This gives you tremendous power in the creative process of your own existence. Whatever thoughts and feelings you are allowing yourself to filter, they will be the building blocks of your reality. Remember that while your mind can easily catch your conscious thinking process, it is powerless before the subconscious part of it. An introspective work is essential to change one’s life. Nothing more, yet nothing less.

4). Study your thoughts and reveal sabotaging patterns

"Study your thoughts and reveal sabotaging patterns"

Study your thoughts and reveal sabotaging patterns

One of the reasons that we get stuck is through lack of awareness and lack of responsibility. The lack of awareness was approached in the #3. The lack of responsibility is the factor that slow the process of evolution. Change can only happen when one becomes aware of what needs to be change, owns the situation, create a bridge between what was and what will be and begin to act on it. Journal your thoughts for a week or more and study your own pattern. Watch yourself without judgment. Observe your tendencies and reveal before your eyes, the sabotaging element that prevents you from finding harmony now.

5). Learn to trust yourself

"Learn to trust yourself"

Learn to trust yourself

When we are following a path that isn’t ours by choice, we tend to walk on the side of the road we are supposed to pave. Listen to your inner-voice and establish a communication with the most subtle part of you who knows a reality that vibrates with a greater meaning and a greater purpose. Align with the truth that you hold and reveal the dream that you carry. The new You is empowered with possibilities.  Write them down even though your mind may labeled them as “ridicule”, “unfeasible”, ‘unrealistic”. Remember that dreams exist when you are out of your mind and you must go catch them there if your wish to get a chance to bring them back here.
The mind is a child who seeks understanding. The heart is a wise who seeks joy. The Soul is a guide who seeks experiences. Together, they seek You. ~Aline
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Annegarner says:

    Studying the ways in which you sabotage yourself is very important. It makes you so aware of the pattern you’ve developed when you become scared to succeed. Great post.

  2. This was beautiful! Thank you for daily doses of inspiration.

  3. Amit says:

    Glad you enjoyed reading it. Have a great day ((Hugs))

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amit and Aline, thanks for your ongoing words of wisdom. You rock!

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