How To Keep Your 2012 Resolution On Track

"How To Keep Your 2012 Resolution On Track"

Everyone knows it: Making new year’s resolutions is easy. Committing to it is the challenge. Why is it so? Because the human being, by nature, has a tendency to set goals before he even understands what he needs the most. So, this year,  give yourself a little preparation to achieve your goals. Here is a list of 4 tips upon which you may wish to reflect so that your vision of greatness finds a path to be revealed and keeps walking with enthusiasm.

1). Understand means and purpose

"How To Keep Your 2012 Resolution On Track"
A resolution is an act decision and volition. Very often, it is accepted as a rigid goal set up to keep the mind focused on one direction. While the human being requires a purpose to move forward, what is most essential is a meaning within the purpose. When you set your resolution, focus on the emotional path that leads to it more than the final step. What your mind may envision tomorrow begins with the first step now. Break your journey of a thousand steps so that you perceive the joy in achieving one every day.
[EX: Resolution: Purpose: lose weight – Meaning within the purpose: Enjoying daily health and well-being.]

2). Clarify your true needs

"How To Keep Your 2012 Resolution On Track"
While societies tend to direct our sense of needs, our inner-voice always communicates with our conscious mind to guide our choices. When you decide to create a path by making a personal resolution, take a moment to reflect on the source of this decision. Is it aligned with your deepest truth? Is it based on fear or self-love? Does it serve your highest-good? How will it help define your Life?
When you bring answers to these questions, you give clarity to your eco self that has to do the work and what the conscious mind perceives and understands, it can achieve and build.

3). Be flexible, be realistic

"How To Keep Your 2012 Resolution On Track"
One of the most common resolution blower comes from its lack of feasibility. Taking a little time beforehand to make some researches and evaluate your journey into the new may prevent a great deal of surprises along the way which may be easily taken as obstacles to big to overcome. Any change in habits requires time, determination, work and possible set backs. Be ready, prepare yourself mentally and give yourself some flexibility of mind in reviewing your goals according your present situation.

4). Determine your leadership skill

"How To Keep Your 2012 Resolution On Track"
Treat your resolution like a business. Its success is determined by the overall attitude of the CEO and the complete commitment of the executive team. Well, in this very case, YOU are the CEO and the executive team all at once. Your leadership abilities are shown through your capacity in supporting your team, motivating it in being the best it can and achieving the most while ensuring the best work environment. Realize that your resolution commitment is nothing more or less than you experiencing yourself as an entrepreneur. 
Be creative and set up tools to monitor, evaluate, reward, praise and enjoy your mission!
Life is but a succession of resolutions. One after the other unfolds our ability to manage our self, lead our path and reveal our truth. A new year’s resolution is nothing more than a conscious space for Life to be evaluated, reset and redirected. Although it can be done anytime, this time is coming in a few days and this list may help you define yourself from a much greater perception and help you walk that path with a much greater assertiveness.
"Happy New Year 2012"
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Nice blog, helped me have a different perspective of my goal to paint 52 paintings this year.

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