5 Top Secret Insights To Make 2012 Awesome

"5 Top Secrets Insights For Making 2012 Awesome"

This year 2012 hasn’t been mystically wrapped for no reason. No matter what the skeptics are saying, 2012 holds a very powerful transformative energy. The next 350 days are offered to us so that we can truly experience our Truth and be supported unconditionally by the universal vibes. 

Our journey and therefore, our work is to be conscious about our emotions, choices, dreams and desires. There is a path less frequented. There is a road less taken. There is a way more powerful, creative and enjoyable than what we have collectively experienced and here are 5 insights to lead you on it. 

1). Caring for another begins by giving to yourself

"5 Top Secrets Insights For Making 2012 Awesome"
We have been programmed to care for others and bring charity when our eyes see needs so that it makes us feel good. While this is a truth, it cannot be complete unless we are being fulfilled ourselves. One cannot give to another what one doesn’t give to oneself. The best way to give appropriately to someone is to have found a way to give to ourselves too. Sacrifice isn’t demanded nor even required. Learning is. Learn to give to yourself so that when it is time to give to another, you know what giving truly means.

2). Creating peace in the world begins by discovering peace in your heart

"5 Top Secrets Insights For Making 2012 Awesome"
What we see and identify in the world is nothing more or less than we are holding within our own self. Wherever you recognize disharmony in the world is vibrating a disharmonious inner-chord. Your best contribution to world peace is to work at discovering and maintaining harmony within yourself.

3). Showing leadership to others begins by being responsible for your choices

"5 Top Secrets Insights For Making 2012 Awesome"
Many people in need for power and most of them will try to reach for leadership positions. Power implies responsibility and the first responsibility each individual has is his/her own choice. A leader is one who has understood the principles of humility, gratitude and Kindness. These aren’t taught as school and these won’t be given by chance. They are learned through the walk that one take in the journey of self-responsibility and greatness.

4). Building your financial freedom begins by knowing your own worth

"5 Top Secrets Insights For Making 2012 Awesome"
We all wish for financial freedom. A space where our abundance and prosperity are found through experiencing without holding back all that we wish to experience. Financial freedom is a concept of the mind that is seeded within the soul. It is self-worth that determines most of it. Financial prosperity can simply not be actualized unless self-worthiness is realized. 
The sense of value about yourself is the determinant factor to your ability to create abundance. Start with you from where you believe you are and build a stronger You by investing in You.

5). Living a meaningful Life begins by finding a purposeful path

"5 Top Secrets Insights For Making 2012 Awesome"
A life worth living is a life consciously lived. Anyone given the gift of a Life has also been given the gift of a destiny. Something that inspires the mind and awakens the soul. This something gives us a sense of purpose and this sense of purpose gives us clarity on the path to walk and the choices to make. Take some time to clarify your purpose, determine your strength, identify your vulnerability and reveal your sense of destiny.
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. That makes me feel even better about my new charity art project than ever before. For me this year is a time for giving back… Sharing myself with Self.

    Anthony (the Art Pants artist) Donnelly

  2. Aline, you write very nice blogs.

  3. Hi Aline! It feels good after reading your post. I am doing my best to do your suggestions after I started a bit of these. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Great post, thank you for these wonderful tips : )

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