5 Reflections That May Change The World

"5 Reflections That May Change The World"

So, here is the situation: one planet, seven billions people living on it and an infinite amount of questions to make it all turn. While this post isn’t going to solve the universe deepest secrets, it is inviting anyone who reads it to ponder for a few moments about five essential questions that may bring a new awareness, awaken thoughts long asleep or trigger emotions long gone.

No one is going to save the world unless all of us decide to move toward a greater state of consciousness about who we are and what we wish to experience as a whole. Yet, while the answer to peace lies within united our strength as one, we must, first, walk the path to get to this answer, individually.

We must agree to seek within our own sense of unity so that we make it possible outward. This five-reflection post may be the beginning of what is for anyone, the first step to the journey within. So while Life keeps on moving forward, take a few minutes to sit back, enjoy the read and invite the reflection to sink in and bring some answers up.

Reflection 1 – What if I was seeking the goodness in another?

"What if I was seeking the goodness in another?"

What if I was seeking the goodness in another?

Too often do we let ourselves dive into the critics, the judgments and the negativity that easily surround us. While this behavior merely mirrors our own dissatisfaction, lack of self-love and search for perfection, it has somehow become the most surviving way of existence for many whose self-image cannot bring enough goodness within. So, as an introspective work and to trick the tricker (mind), what if you were, systematically seeking the goodness in yourself and another? What would you begin to see, and what perception would your life suddenly offer to your eyes?

Reflection 2 – What if my words were more meaningful?

"What if my words were more meaningful?"

What if my words were more meaningful?

Words are powerful. They are so powerful that to speak them is enough to create the world we live in. They shape who we are, what we believe and are at the very core of the way we interact with one another. Knowing that every one of us holds such a power should be more than enough to realize the significance we must bring into what comes out of our mouth. What if your words were more meaningful? What if what you say had first spend some time in how you feel about it? What if the words that come alive through your language and expression had spent time in your heart where they would have had some moments to settle in realizing their impact and true need?

Reflection 3 – What would I do if I could not fail?

"What would I do if I could not fail?"

What would I do if I could not fail?

Failure is such a taboo in our society because success and achievement are such a must… The dichotomy of the human being is that whenever he is asked to succeed, he will ultimately think about not to fail and that, in itself, will be enough to create, in his mind, the perfect self-sabotaging thought: “What if I fail?”. This is exactly the perfect catch 22 ego plan. While taking precautions and thinking about the downside of any situation, what if ultimately, you could not fail? How would that change the way you choose, decide, move forward and apprehend life?

Reflection 4 – What could I still give if I have nothing left?

"What could I still give if I have nothing left?"

What could I still give if I have nothing left?

To give is the most essential principle of Life. While the human being feels a great sense of goodness when he shares, he also, very often, uses his lack of resources to actually do so. While money often comes as the perfect resource to share, there is many and I mean MANY ways that a human being can give. So, what would you give if you had nothing left? If you were left with yourself, alone, what is the gift about you that you could still share with another and that would bring your a sense of prosperity and make another feel worthy?

Reflection 5 – What would be my life if I only had 5 words to express it?

"What would be my life if I only had 5 words to express it?"

What would be my life if I only had 5 words to express it?

The human being tend to share his life in a long story of years of childhood, then teenage time, then adulthood period, then, then, then… while it is undeniable that the story that we individually live, matters to our own self, it also, only, reflects, the way we perceived it and how we lived it. What if you were given only 5 words to share your life with another? What would be those words and how, then, would they define you?

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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