5 Most Enlightening Tips To Create Opportunities

"5 Most Enlightening Tips To Create Opportunities"

Life is a space where opportunities flow like fishes in water. While some moments seem to carry more favorable circumstances than others, there are ways to also create them. Indeed, opportunities are never the result of chance or luck, there are the first visible harvest of a consistent open state of mind.

This state of mind is a disciplines and focused path that requires one’s full awareness and faithfulness to self. Take a moment and read the following list. It gives you 5 easy tips to create your greatest moments of good fortune.

1). Be open to possibilities

"Be open to possibilities"

Be open to possibilities

Heard it a hundred times, read it a thousand more and yes, I keep repeating myself over and over again until this sinks in. Opportunities have no way of entering your life until your heart opens to them. The mind doesn’t create opportunities, it builds their world once they have come. The heart is the genesis of opportunities. It is the space that welcomes, hosts and nurtures them at the first place.
The greater your heart opens, the easier it is for your mind to perceive them awaiting for your genius to capture their essence and grow their potential!

2). Keep Faith in the goodness of Life

"Keep Faith in the goodness of Life"

Keep Faith in the goodness of Life

How many time have you heard or told yourself: “It is too good to be true!”. Well.. exactly what this point is inviting you to reconsider… Everything must become a dormant opportunity awaiting for your kiss to be awaken. Everything must be perceived as an unseen possibility of greatness on its way to touch your life. Every dream must be felt as it is only a step away from your reality. This is the principle of densifying the subtle by wholeheartedly letting it know that there is a space already created for it but more so it belongs to your Life now!

3). Be madly in Love with Life

"Be madly in Love with Life"

Be madly in Love with Life

To be madly in love with Life is to be overly passionate with the most infinite body of creative energy. When you let your lover know about your conscious, unconditional, unbiased and devoted sense of Love, then your beloved has no other way than knowing your priceless Presence and acknowledging it with many blessings to match your loyalty. Be enthusiastic about Life today like there is no tomorrow and tomorrow life will surprise you with endless possibilities at reach.

4). Team-up so that everyone wins

"Team-up so that everyone wins"

Team-up so that everyone wins

If Life needed only one experience, it would have created only one man doing one thing at a time. The reason why we are so many, so diverse and so unique is to give even more possibilities for life to know itself consciously. The beauty about co-creation is that it offers each actor a space to experience his/her own greatness but more so, it gives more room to create more opportunities out of multiplying the possibilities.

5). Serve, serve, serve

"Serve, serve, serve"

Serve, serve, serve

To be of the service of consciousness is the highest vibration one can experience. To consciously live from the heart, through the heart an back into the heart means that one’s life chooses to remember the unity of Life as a principle. This unity holds the most infinite and most potent sense of creativity. He/She who lives from this place and constantly brings awareness to respect the self and others has access to a world of wonders and perceive the value and worth of Life with greater clarity. Clarity is the space where opportunities are the loudest and most visible. Our human senses can effortlessly meet them and beautifully unfold them.

You are the builder of your own destiny. You are the architect of your Life. Opportunities are the bricks and your attitude the cement that holds everything together. ~Aline

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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