5 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose

"5 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose"

How can one walk in life when there is no direction or at least a sense of direction towards which one can direct his steps? This is the dichotomy of this life. Walking is what we learn first and a direction is what we seek later. What if we were given the information about the purpose before we were able to walk but we simply forgot it? What if there was a space where the purpose can be found? What if there was a way for the mind to reconnect with the purpose so that the means would become clear? These answers are simple. If this was possible, then the human being would begin to perceive its place within the whole. He would begin to sense his  inner-value and could serve his experience with a great sense of adequacy.

So, here is a list to help you discern your life purpose so that your Life finds a more meaningful expression.

1). Your purpose involves effortlessness

"5 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose"

While societies have let us to believe that work is hard by nature, it has omitted to define what hard meant. Hard, when it comes to purpose implies consistency, discipline and commitment. These are the “hard” aspects of “work”. While these are challenging for the mind, they are natural, effortless and fueling for the heart that has aligned with what it knows to do by essence. When one is given to experience his purpose, societies tend to call it a passion and ultimately, the worker is labeled as an artist, a genius or an entrepreneur. Seek what makes you feel effortless. In there lies a clue about your Genius.

2). Your purpose involves Greatness

"5 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose"

No one was ever given a life without a sense of Greatness attached to it. Whatever this sense of Greatness means for the self, it is linked to something greater than it and ultimately serves something greater than it. Service to the whole through self-expression is Genius serving Genius and this is the ultimate sense of a meaningful Life. Seek how your Life can better serve others.

3). Your purpose involves Joyfulness

"5 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose"

A space that gives you a room to do a lot with great passion is a space that holds joy in pure form. Your sense of purpose must trigger a feeling of joy and happiness that feeds your Soul. It must easily bring a smile when you think of it, express it or do it. It must fill up your sense of worthiness and expand your sense of confidence. It is joy in a can and each time you drink from it, you simply replenish your inner-well with being aligned with your truth. Seek What makes you feel joyful and content when expressing yourself.

4). Your purpose involves limitlessness

"5 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose"

When you begin to be purposely driven, your sense of self reaches your Soul and there eternity can be touched with your mind. This is this sense of endlessness that you must seek or more so reveal through your deeds. Actions that give you a feeling of eternity and create memories that last forever are parts of your path to Greatness. This path is your unfolding sense of purpose being revealed before your eyes. Seek a sense of moving through your own boundaries.

5). Your purpose involves peacefulness

"5 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose"

While expressing your most soulful self, you are given a glimpse of true Peace. It is a sense of alignment between your closest self and your environment. You find yourself belonging within a system much greater than you without a sense of being lost or inadequate. Suddenly you reach a level of Love, Grace and Bliss that nurtures your most authentic sense of self and this ripples as a feeling of inner- peace and calmness. Seek where your Life experience aligns the most with your environment. 
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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Great post. Hard isn’t the bad word some perceive it to be. :o)

  2. Janet Vanderhoof says:

    Following your purpose gives you meaning! Nice blog.

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