5 Tips To Get Closer To Peace With Self-Awareness

"5 Tips To Get Closer To Peace With Self-Awareness"

Here we are, living in the 21st century. A century with a promise of a technological advance, advanced knowledge, higher education and greater understandings. Although these are remarkable progress in the human history, in terms of human intelligence, they are also the symbol of one undeniable realization about humankind. No mindful intelligence can ever lasts unless a spiritual growth is associated to it as a way to guide its steps and ensure that the human intelligence will keep using its power in the greatest good of the human race as a whole.

While tremendous efforts, money and time are spent, every year to move the human knowledge to a greater control of its outward environment, too few are invested in the inward Life where Wisdom, Truth and Unity. Wisdom, Truth and Unity are the basic foundation of Peace and unless one is willing to seek them within, the world will not find its strongest foundation for Peace: Kindness and Compassion.
Here is a List of tips to help you become more aware of yourself :

1). The Life your eyes see is a mirror of the Life you are

"5 Tips To Get Closer To Peace With Self-Awareness"
When you observe the world around you, always remember that what ever you are looking is but yourself in another form. The way something or someone makes you feel is who you are at the moment. Resolve any emotional discomfort and rejoice in all the good you feel.

2). The Life you sense is more true than the life you perceive

"5 Tips To Get Closer To Peace With Self-Awareness"
Your intuition, feelings and emotions are much closer to the Truth than your mind, thoughts and ideas let you believe. Remember that you are an energy (ethereal) being living a physical (dense) experience.

3). The Life you dream is more real than the Life you experiencing

"5 Tips To Get Closer To Peace With Self-Awareness"
Your dreams are nothing more nor less than your optimum potential of existence. What you are experiencing is this potential minus your belief system that may prevent you from reaching it. Always bring awareness to your thoughts and your thought patterns. They may get in the way of your Peace.

4). The Life you own is more empowering than the Life you rent

"5 Tips To Get Closer To Peace With Self-Awareness"
Each time you blame another for your own experiences, you are simply expressing a lack of ownership for your Life. What you cannot own, you cannot change. Peace arises out of evolving from a place to another. You must first own the first space so that you are empowered with the vision of the next space.

5). The Life you embrace is more gentle than the life you reject

"5 Tips To Get Closer To Peace With Self-Awareness"
Remember that whatever you think, you attract back to you. When you embrace Life, whatever it seems to bring you, you allow more of it or can surrender to it and let it go. What you reject creates more experiences of rejection. Life is given to Love it or learn fro it. What you can’t love, you will be reminded to learn how to do so.

Realize that your self awareness always is the catalyst to the growth of consciousness. Nothing is ever alone and separated. While you may not always see how it relates to you, all that is brought to your awareness is there for consciousness to know itself more through you. Give back to consciousness the way consciousness gave Life to you.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Natalie says:

    Strong statements Aline but very true. The mind and soul is very complex but if we can simplify things starting with ourself then life can be better.

  2. I truly enjoyed this post, especially number 4. :) It was a good reminder for me.

  3. Nancy Due says:

    To get closer to peace self awareness is very important but to get eternal peace while living in this world is possible when one starts believing that one is the media through which the almighty is playing games. In other words one has to forget ones “EGO”.
    Secondly peace of mind or love from others is easy to realise when one realises that in love ” I am yours ” is most important and not ” You are mine”

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