5 Secret Ways To Lose Weight From Within

"5 Secret Ways To Lose Weight From Within"

Your body is a fantastic machine. What is fantastic about it is its ability to adapt to nearly every circumstances? While most of the time “circumstances” tend to be considered as outside triggers, they are also inner-cause to our life. Our emotional and mental landscapes shape our belief system and determine our choices and ultimately our life.

In terms of our health, body image and well-being, there are many unseen factors that plays a role into the way we look. Indeed, the way our body is shaped says a lot about the way our mind and Soul exist. Here is a list of the top 5 secrets to lose weight from within and access to your well-being with conscious and deliberate actions.

1). Raise your level of Self-Esteem

"5 Secret Ways To Lose Weight From Within"

Raise your level of Self-Esteem

The primary reason for weight gain is a loss of self-esteem which result in a loss of self-image. Lost within yourself emotionally, you lose yourself physically. No one can ever achieve a successful weight loss until self-esteem is built back up from ground level.

2). Examine your Fear

"5 Secret Ways To Lose Weight From Within"

Examine your Fear

Determine the part of your body that tends to easily gain body fat and I will tell you what you fear is. Each part of the body corresponds to an emotional space. Where the body fat stands is where the lack of emotional strength vibrates.

3). Build your Character

"5 Secret Ways To Lose Weight From Within"

Build your Character

Weight loss is the natural consequence of self-empowerment. Character is the most visible part of your emotional dimension. Your attitude is what determines your strength. Each time you choose your health from within you show well-being on your body.

4). Find your Uniqueness

"5 Secret Ways To Lose Weight From Within"

Find your Uniqueness

One of the most characteristics of people who gain weight is their blindness about their inner-beauty. Beauty isn’t something that is born with the body. Beauty exists beyond the body. You must reconnect with the part of you who is unique and release the need to exist through outside validation. 

5). Be kind to Yourself

"5 Secret Ways To Lose Weight From Within"

Be kind to Yourself

In my 15 years of Personal training, specialized in weight loss, one of the most consistent traits I have observed about my clients was the lack of self-Love and self-respect. Take a moment to realize who you are. Breathe in your body and recognize that you are a miracle embodied. From there begin your journey to lose your weight in gratitude for your Life. Always walk with a reverence for your body who is carrying the most priceless part of you: A sacred gem.

To take care of your gem is to ensure that the chest in which it has been placed is well-functioning, strong, flexible and ready to journey into the world. You owe to yourself the gift of Health because this is the first step that will take you on Earth to manifest your dream.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Lynda Coker says:

    I definitely feel my inner self shaping up. Nice post.

  2. Natalie says:

    I agree. it all starts with how we feel about ourselves within. It is no use trying to change the outside if you are not happy with the core

  3. Love this! This is so true.

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