5 New Year Resolutions To Help You Find Happiness

"5 New Year Resolutions To Help You Find Happiness"

Each year is a time for renewal and a time for self-reflection. 365 days have passed with many emotional experiences and self-definition. Life has found this cycle to let us live moments fully and give us space to discern what we wish to keep and what we wish to let go.

One more time, this year isn;t different in that way. Let us reflect on our past year, individually as well as collectively, and choose wisely what has served our greatness and what hasn’t. Let us become more conscious about our choices and decisions and let us rejoice in the beauty of a new cycle of 365 days to experience a more essential adventure.

1). Speak less, reflect more

"5 New Year Resolutions To Help You Find Happiness"
Words, while amazingly necessary, aren’t as essential as the power they carry. When we are given a chance to think about our thoughts a little longer, we can truly give them the most appropriate vessels to be traveling from within to outward. Sharing thoughts is a great responsibility as it gives a way to one’s truth. Take a little more time to reflect on your thoughts so that when your voice find the most appropriate way to share them, they come out as healing vessels and building stones.

2). Worry less, love more

"5 New Year Resolutions To Help You Find Happiness"
This year, give yourself a space to Love more than worrying. Worries aren’t serving anyone nor anything. Worries are expression of the Ego losing control. Bring more Faith and more trust in the goodness of Life as its nature is always aligned with excellence. The path may not always be clear for the mind (where worries originate). However, it always is clear for the heart (where Love exists).

3). Hold less, express more

"5 New Year Resolutions To Help You Find Happiness"
Any kind of emotional held back is simply Life not given the chance to be expressed. This is a powerful energy that when stayed behind can ultimately turn creative energy into deadly substance consuming the self and lowering the inner-vibration. Self-expression is the core of the Human Being. It is an undeniable right of the Soul and the purpose of this experience.

4). Judge less, forgive more

"5 New Year Resolutions To Help You Find Happiness"
Remember one thing: The Life that you observe is the Life that you are. What you see outside is what you know of yourself inside. Judgments and critics are the deep wounds that one must be willing to open so that he can bring healing. Forgiveness is the first medication that must be administered after self-awareness has brought clarity to the situation.

5). Do less, Be more

"5 New Year Resolutions To Help You Find Happiness"
While doing is what is being asked from us, we remain Human Being before anything. The doer side of us cannot properly do unless he has “been” before and began to grasp what this Being-ness means. This new year, attempt to give a little more room for the Being side of you so that you truly empower the doer part of you. not only will your experience expand but more so you will feel greatly align with your purpose.
"Happy New Year 2012"
To All, ModernLifeBlogs Team wishes the most wonderful year to come! Happy New Year 2012!
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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  1. Pravin Solanki says:

    This is very inspiring & useful to the people who make their resolution but do not follow throughout the year. Hope this will help them in their life.happy New Year to all.

  2. Amit says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post. Happy New Year to you also. Keep Smiling and Keep Rocking! ((Hugs))

  3. These are great for all of us to reflect on. Wishing all of you on this wonderful site a Happy New Year! Lisa

    • Amit says:

      Yoohoo!! Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks so much for your reading and support. Have a great day. Happy New Year to you also. Keep Rocking! ((Hugs))

  4. Ms says:

    I was enjoy when I reading it , thank u so much for Amazing advice , happy new year all I hope all find Happiness.

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