5 Aspects Of Character That Make You Naturally Beautiful

"5 Aspects Of Character That Make You Naturally Beautiful"

Beauty is one of the most essential pursuits of human nature. Mankind is attached to it like a baby to his mother. The reason is that Beauty is an innate aspect of Humanity. Because of this and the intrinsic need for Man to remember where he belongs, he spends an admirable amount of energy to reveal beauty. His greatest challenge, about this journey, is letting beauty come through by being instead of making it seen by doing.

Beauty is very much associated with products, make-up, adds-on and more which demands great investment and provide only a temporary connection with real beauty. True beauty exists within as the deepest and most innate aspect of Life. Therefore, its revelation engages an inward process more than an outward journey. For Beauty to be seen is the consequence of Life to be given a voice.

Here are the 5 inner-aspects that, once unleashed, make you naturally beautiful :

1). BE Passionate

"5 Aspects Of Character That Make You Naturally Beautiful"
Passion is a high-intensity energy that shares a large amount of Life all at once. When released, this energy naturally provides a space for Beauty to be seen as it becomes effortless for the form to let it appear. The form provides an open channel for Beauty to be revealed by simple osmosis process. What is within hidden becomes seen outside through holding a concentrated amount of energy at one time and space. Be present with compassion and you shall be beautiful with simplicity.

2). BE Kind

"5 Aspects Of Character That Make You Naturally Beautiful"
Kindness’s Beauty secret is in the sharing of Life. Kindness implies an exchange of high-frequency vibes based on Love. Each time you share kindness, you provide a space for Beauty to be seen. Kindness uses many tools to do so to which a smile may be the easiest and most available one. Never underestimate the little act of kindness you can do everyday with nothing but you own will to share beauty through it.

3). BE You

"5 Aspects Of Character That Make You Naturally Beautiful"
You are the true gift for Life. Life’s ultimate purpose is to share its eternal power. Beauty is one aspect of it. You were offered a perfect form with a perfect experience for this unique sense of beauty to come alive. Beauty is held within you and its very life awaits your strength to be seen. It silently waits for your courage and boldness to be you un-compromised for it to be given a voice. Your most amazing Beauty make-up is you being You out loud.

4). BE Happy

"5 Aspects Of Character That Make You Naturally Beautiful"
Happiness is a state that serves Beauty on a tray. Beauty is effortlessly being carried through happiness. A happy person is naturally beautiful for one and only one reason: Happiness is Life expressed in its highest version. Share your most essential state of being and Beauty shall be yours without needing anything more than your Presence to hold it.

5). BE Compassionate

"5 Aspects Of Character That Make You Naturally Beautiful"
Compassion is natural beauty revealer. A state of compassion gives a great amount of room for beauty to be seen as it connects life to Life and through Life. The expansion born from a compassionate state of being is tremendous and as a result more beauty is unleashed in that same space.
You are a natural Beauty holder and as so, the best way to be beautiful is to allow what you hold to be seen through who you are. Vibrate through your greatest assets and let your brilliance become your way. 
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. The inner beauty is what makes someone truly beautiful! Great post, thank you for sharing! Lisa

  2. Melissa A. Davis says:

    I loved this post! It’s all so very true! We all could learn to love ourselves a little more each day.


  3. Debbi Weiss says:

    This was a lovely post…simple and to the point. I’m going to print it out and put it on the fridge. I am all of these things unless I let outside factors make me feel that I should be something else. It will remind me to always come back to myself. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. Nubia says:

    I love your post Aline, I really enjoy it!
    I just have a little suggestion to improve it, you wrote “… a need for man” and I think is it better if you wrote “Woman and man” or “humankind” to includ the other 50% of the population of the world.

    • Hello Nubia.. Good suggestion! AS a French native, the word “Man” implies whole “humankind”. Thank you for your help in bettering my second language! Wishing you a great day! :-)

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  6. I love your definition of happiness here!

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