Podio : Now Free For Students Around The World

"Podio : Now Free For Students Around The World"

Podio is an online platform with a new take on work and how it gets done. For the first time ever you can create your own work tools and shape the way you work. No technical skills required. No dependency on IT. It gives people more power than they’ve ever had before to do everyday work better, smarter and in their own way.

Podio, the work platform where anyone can create apps to get their job done, today announced a new program to make Podio available for free to the 40 million+ university students around the world. Students have always been early adopters of new technology, and are already connecting and collaborating like never before. Now, they can register at students.podio.com for free access to a set of extensible tools to organize their studies, collaborate with classmates and complete group projects.

6 reasons you’ll love to use Podio

1). Task Manager

Hit ‘T’ anywhere in Podio to create a task. It’s as easy as that to create your to-do list.

"Podio : Now Free For Students Around The World""

Activity streams make it easy to stay up to date with the latest updates and changes

2). Files

Share all your documents and files in one place, so you can comment and work on them – unlimited storage included.

3). Social

Think of Facebook just for your professional study and work-related needs.

"Podio : Now Free For Students Around The World""

Manage all your assignments, split up work, assign tasks and share your work to give each other feedback

4). Simple Surveys

Easily create survey apps, turn them into powerful web forms and collect your research hassle-free.

5). Workspaces

Create as many workspaces as you need to work together with your study group, research fellows, or your entire class.

"Podio : Now Free For Students Around The World""

Use the free iPhone or Android Apps to have your studies in your pocket

6). Mobile

Use our free mobile apps to easily create new study notes and stay on top of your essays & uni projects on the go.

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  1. JoshoMosh says:

    Bitrix24 in my opinion is much better – twice the features Podio offers and free.

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