ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Kelly Kim

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Kelly Kim"

It is an honor to have a dear friend of mine Kelly Kim or more well known as @twylah on twitter in my blog doing this interview with me. Co-founder of Twylah — Twitter Brand Pages for celebrities and brands. Tweets on content creation & content marketing.

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Kelly Kim"

Ques 1 : What does Twylah do and how to manage or monitor contents?

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Kelly Kim"

Twylah Monitor Your Content

Twylah brings your brand message into focus in a way that is not possible on Twitter.  It takes your tweets and creates for you a beautiful website.  This Twylah website is SEO friendly and easy for anyone to understand and navigate.

Ques 2 : How to get more exposure from your tweets with Twylah branding page and SEO?

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Kelly Kim"

The beautiful thing about Twylah is that it can be a “set and forget” application.  That said, of course the more you promote your Twylah pages, the more benefit you will realize from them in terms of traffic and exposure for your brand.

The best ways to promote your pages are by tweeting them, like-ing them on Facebook, and “power tweeting” from the application.  It is a good idea to include your Twylah URL on your Twitter bio, as well.

Ques 3 : What is Power Tweets and whats the benefit of using this feature?

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Kelly Kim"

Send Power Tweet

One of the most powerful ways to promote your Twylah page is to send a power tweet. 

A power tweet creates content-specific landing pages for each tweet you send, complete with an automatic back-link to your Twylah page, which features the text of your tweet, any linked content, and other recent tweets on that same topic.

A power tweet is demand marketing at its best.  Power tweet “landing pages” give your visitors more of what they are looking for at the precise time they are looking for it.

Quest 4 : How to host content on your own domain using Twylah?

The best way to get real value from your Twylah page is to create a custom domain.  This allows you, as the publisher, to host your Twitter content on your website or blog, giving you more control over your own content and traffic as well as more search traffic from your Twitter activity.  A custom domain essentially transforms your tweets into on-line leads or sales on your own website.

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Kelly Kim"

Host content on your own domain using Twylah

The simple instructions for setting up a custom domain are as follows (write to us as [email protected] for detailed information):

1. In your DNS manager, create a new CNAME and name it “tweets”

2. Point the CNAME to

3. Verify that the new subdomain points to the right place (when you go to, it should take you to

4. Email us at [email protected] to let us know it’s set up — please be sure to specify your Twitter username and the new subdomain info

5. We’ll “flip the switch” on our end, and your Twylah Brand Page will render on your domain

Examples of custom domains are here:  http://tweets.hollymadison 

Thanks so much Kelly for doing such a great interview and sharing and describing the power of Twylah.

Twyah is a great tool for presenting your website, blog or your twitter stream in a creative and most beautiful organised way. ‘Twylah Rocks’ – ModernLifeBlogs

 Twylah Fan Page  Twylah Fan Page

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  1. Xakousti says:

    very nice

  2. It’s great that you got to interview Kelly. She is kind and innovative, and I’ve heard wonderful things about Twylah. I’ll have to really go check it out now, rather than only talking about it :-)

    • Amit says:

      Yes i agree with you she is supportive and kind. Twylah is such a great site to discover and see your twitter tweets in clean and well design post like you reading a magazine. Go check out. Yoohoo!!