ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Lori McNee

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Lori McNee"

It is an honor to have a dear friend of mine Lori McNee or more well known as @lorimcneeartist on twitter in my blog doing this interview with me. Her true understanding of paintings is truly amazing.

Lori McNee is an internationally recognized professional artist who specializes in still life and landscape oil paintings. Lori shares valuable fine art tips, art business tips and social media advice on her blog. Currently, Lori ranks as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter & was named a TwitterPowerhouse by The Huffington Post.

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Lori McNee"

Ques. 1 : Will you tell us a little bit about your career story and how you came on twitter? Why you pick paintings (arts)?

Well, I started using social media practically by accident! I literally had no idea what I was getting myself into nearly 3 years ago, nor how important social media would be for small, medium and large businesses, including art!

I remember back then, surfing the web and finding the Twitter site. (as a bird artist, the Twitter bluebird caught my eye) but at that time I just didn’t get it…

During this same time a friend introduced me to the idea of blogging. I have always loved to write, so the idea of a blog intrigued me. I saw blogging as a perfect opportunity for me to share my 25 years of professional experiences with others artists as well as an opportunity to give back to my art community. So I started up my blog, FineArtTips where I share art tips and techniques, gallery advice, and eventually blogging and social media tips.

Once I started blogging, the light-bulb went on in my head and I immediately understood what that little Twitter bird was all about! I signed up for Twitter and took to it like a ‘duck takes to water‘…

Blogging also gives me an opportunity to showcase my own paintings, especially at I believe that paintings are like windows to the soul where we can allow our imaginations to escape! For me, painting is an expression of God within. Painting is something that I can continue to get better and better at with age! – this is why I paint.

Ques.2 : What best advice you want to give any artist who just join in this creative world of arts?

Thomas Edison said it best, “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” Being a successful artist does take inspiration, but it also takes a lot of hard work. I believe artists should have their own art blogs in order to market themselves effectively using social media. The purpose of using a social media platform site like Twitter is to network, make important connections, drive traffic back to your website or blog, and then gain newsletter subscribers so you can market your art directly. Keep your eye on the mark, have a social media strategy in place, and don’t Twitter your day away!

Ques.3 : How you get inspiration to create such a great marvellous and amazing paintings?

When I was a young girl I would rescue the birds that used to hit our windows and nurse them back to health. I was so intrigued with wild birds, (to me, there were a piece of the wind) and I wanted to keep them even though I knew I couldn’t…so I finally decided to capture the birds on paper with a pencil. I’ve been drawing and painting animals and their landscapes ever since.

Ques.4 : If you not an artist then which career you choose? Tell us little bit about it and why? 

It is tough to imagine my life without creating art. Nevertheless, if I was not a visual artists, I would like to be a writer. I really enjoy writing and blogging. I have even written a few treatments for screenplays in the past. Writing is like painting with words.

Ques.5 : If you want to suggest five artist on twitter who are they and why?

Narrowing a list of inspiring Twitter artists down to just 5 people is very difficult! There are so many great Twitter artists to follow. In fact, I have a PowerArtist series on my blog where I spotlight the top Twitter artists Here are my top five today…

1). @rebeccalatham Rebecca is one of the finest artists on Twitter. She is great at networking, using social media as a branding and marketing tool, and maintaining a professional art career.

2). @MelodyLeaLamb Melody is an inspiring Twitter artist, illustrator, runner & stay at home working mom. Melody gives back to her community by donating art in the Run for Critters. 

3). @newmansculpture Ken Newman and his wife do a great job of using social media to promote Ken’s world renowned a sculptures. Ken blogs about their life, “Sculpting of the Road”

4). @mattleblancart Matt LeBlanc is a marketing account director by day, professional abstract artist by night. He blogs, tweets, paints, and donates his art to his charity, Art for Life. 

5). @ArtistTaraReed Tara is a consistent tweeter as well as a Licensed Artist, Coach, Speaker, Author, Illustrator. She is a genuine individual who is never too busy to help a fellow artist. She shares valuable information on her blog,

Check out more about Lori McNee at :

1). Website : LoriMcNee & FineArtTips

2). Twitter : @lorimcneeartist

 4). Youtube : LoriMcNeeArtist 

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  1. Great to see that artists are part of the Modern Life Family! :-) Insightful interview! I enjoyed learning more about Lori and finding new artists to follow!! Thank You Amit! You rock!!! <3

  2. Lori McNee says:

    Dear Amit, thank you so much for highlighting me on your informative and positive blog. You are an inspiration to many, including me, and it is an honor to be interviewed by you. Thank you and see you on Twitter!
    Lori :)

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