ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Aline Hanle

"ModernLifeBlogs Interview with Aline Hanle"

It is an honor to have a dear friend of mine Aline Hanle or more well known as @CatalystWorld on twitter in my blog doing this interview with me. Her amazing soulful inspiration make your life to live happier and her beautiful paintings surely touch your soul.

Closely known as the Soul Whisperer, Aline offers you the most delicate way to look at yourself. Her insightful gift of sensing the subtle that she refined throughout her fifteen years of studying the ancient Wisdom of the world, opened her heart to the fascinating world of new consciousness.

Aline feels that her work creates a bridge between what we experience and who we truly are. This bridge allows the mind to safely travel along the road of introspective searches.

Aline is an artistic mystic born with the remembrance that anyone’s genius is accessible with the opening of the heart. While unveiling her own talent, she discovered the gateway to her soul. Her passion for Life is the Catalyst for her vision. It endlessly ignites spark of creativity that she has learned to manage with the Wisdom of the Heart. Each of her paintings is more than a piece of Art. It is a true guidance into a New Consciousness dimension where the body, mind and Spirit axis finds its deepest alignment.

Ques. 1). Will you tell us about your life story before becoming a Catalyst? Why have you choosen this career?

First and Foremost, i want to thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my truth in more than 140 characters!! :-)

I actually don’t recall a life before “Catalyst”. I feel as if it has always been me somewhere. I just needed 35 years to reveal it to my eyes. More than a career, I feel that this is a path, a vocation, an inner-gift that was carefully placed within my Soul and that i must carefully embrace and soulfully share with others.

Ques. 2). Your site ConsciousCatalystConsulting is an awesome place to get details on your services you offer. Very creative and soulful design!. Will you tell about your new services you offer to your clients?

First, i want to thank Tamora burk from Maverick Creative Group Maverickdean. Her Genius for Design and branding goes to places where only the Soul dares to go. This is where she helped me refine my identity and capture the essence of Aline now known as “The Catalyst”. As far as my services, I offer innovative solutions to help my clients reconnect with their Authentic Self, realign their vision with their reality, resolve inner-conflicts and relational conflicts, bring fluidity in work-space, identify Life patterns, bring clarity to decision making process… I work with individuals as well as businesses.

Whether it is to help reveal a soul purpose, deprogram a self-sabotaging pattern or decipher a path to unleash the Greatness within, i used tools that I personally designed to create a spark that fires a change for the greater.

Ques. 3). Soul Paintings ImpressionOfTheSoul is a great place to find inspiration in your soul paintings. So will you tell us how you got this idea to play with brushes and unleash your soul inspiration in your paintings?

Everyone is intuitive by nature and the body is the perfect tool to give inspiration a Life through creativity. I had resisted for many year to be my “artist” side as my ego-self knew that this was going to be the most powerful experience to re-connect with my Soul. After a pilgrimage to the ancient temples of Egypt and Jordan and a month-long journey to Italy, India and Bali, I sensed the urge to express myself with a different channel than writing as I had done for my entire life. Painting was calling. I do not paint with brushes. my hands are my brushes and my Soul is the Artist.

The colors, textures and design are the denser vibrations of the subtle that my developed empath-gift feels. Whether, I create an energy painting or a Soul portrait for someone, I set myself aside and leave the room for my Soul to connect to the invisible and become an instrument to give this energetic feel a visual blueprint.

Ques. 4). Any advice you want to offer to new catalyst worker in this field?

We are all  a Catalyst for someone. Each of us has a gift to spark something within another. The best advise I was given and the one I follow is to be myself beyond what society, people, my friends or family and Loved ones expect me to be.

To be great is to be willing to be misunderstood and when we tend to live outside of the box, being misunderstood is part of the deal. While it may feel isolating at first, it is the best space to learn how to stand strong in our Truth.

Ques. 5). If you want to  suggest 4 catalyst workers who are they and why?

1). Visionary Leaders like Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, Yoda…: Because of the inspiring message they, and many more, have left us as a legacy: Remain faithful to your vision & live your Life to reveal it.

2). Children: because until grown ups project their own fears on them, they are the ones who live in the moment

3). My husband: Because he has always been the one who has given me a space to find myself. Whether by supporting my way or resisting it, he has always found enough Love to stand before me and challenge me to stand for me.

4). All the people, family and friends, all Angels, who i have crossed path with, because each of them has helped me find more harmony within so that i could create a harmonious Life outward.

Check out more about Aline Hanle at :

1). Website : ConsciousCatalystConsulting

2). Twitter : @CatalystWorld

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  1. Larry S. Greenfield says:

    My teacher, my student, my mentor, my muse, my inspiration: Aline!

    • :-) The Truth is never far and yet it is always somewhat hidden. Thank God for Friendship and the Beauty that it allows us to remember when the magic of connection happens.. Bless you Larry! <3

  2. my angel my inspiration my api the best and angelic person in the whole world may Allah bless her always :) ilove you soooo much api you are angel, l blessing and the way where i always find kindness, lovelights, and true meaning of morality
    you Rocks :)

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