Minus : Share, Publish And Explore Your Files

"Minus : Share, Publish And Explore Your Files"

Minus let’s you upload and share photos and videos easily. You can access and download your existing files from your Minus account and publish to your Minus profile and more.

Upload photos and videos from your Camera or Photo Library
Sharpen, resize, crop, rotate and add effects to images
Publish photos, videos and more to your Minus profile
Share w/ friends through Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, and more
Download and access your files from your Minus.com account
View documents in Excel, Word, PDF, TXT

Desktop Applications

The Minus desktop app allows you to drag-n-drop photos, music, documents and files into the taskbar and instantly upload onto Minus. 

Drag one or more files to taskbar icon and drop into popup panel to start uploading.

Popup panel will display upload progress. If the cursor moves away from the panel, the window will hide.

Once upload finishes, a system tray message or a growl message (if installed on mac) will show up.

Windows/Ubuntu users can click the system tray message to open the Main Window. The menu will open automatically in Mac after upload.

Mobile Applications

"Minus : Share, Publish And Explore Your Files"

Minus for mobile allows you to upload files & photos to Minus from your mobile device, directly from the app or from the share menu. It keeps a history of uploaded files and galleries. You can also login to your account to access the files. 

Browser Extensions

"Minus : Share, Publish And Explore Your Files"

Minus extension allows you to take screenshots of your browser and auto-uploading it into your account. Additionally you can browse your galleries with this extension. We have more features planned in the near future.

Minus Apps and other Tools : Download Now

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