Advantage Of High Tech Tools In Your Business

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"Advantage Of High Tech Tools In Your Business"

It is funny because it seems like the more technology expands and infiltrates our lives the more we lose the personal touch with our customers or prospects.  In an effort to get more done in less time it is easy to turn to technology to automate what we do but when we do that we miss that personal, genuine connection that a business needs to grow and thrive.  Instead of using technology to keep your customers at arm’s length you can take advantage of it and use it to interact, educate and create happy customers. 

Here are 3 high tech tools that you can take advantage of to build great connections and put high-touch engagement in your business : 

1). Hootsuite   

"Advantage Of High Tech Tools In Your Business"

I love Hootsuite for Twitter because while it allows for some automation like scheduling Tweets it allows me to track the topics and people I am interested in and then interact and build relationships.  I can thank people for sharing a blog post or a Tweet I posted or see who has mentioned me.  I can see conversations of topics I am interested in and join in.  I can find people in my niche and connect with them.  Hootsuite is just the perfect tool because it allows you to take advantage of great technology and quickly build great high-touch connections with people from all over the world or down the block.

2). Video E-Mail

"Advantage Of High Tech Tools In Your Business"

This is the high tech tool that I love for engaging customers, creating trust and rapport  and building a long lasting business relationships.   The power of video e-mails is amazing because it is your face and voice combined with a branded template and links to any website or URL you choose.  This makes any traditional text e-mail pale in comparison, even when the copy is killer.  This is one way to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

3). Video Conferencing

"Advantage Of High Tech Tools In Your Business"

Video conferencing is a great high tech tool where you can do highly personal, high-touch presentations with 1 person or 100 people.  The possibilities here are limitless.  You could connect with a customer and walk them through your products by sharing your screen with them, letting them ask questions as you go.  You could do a large presentation for your team, company or potential clients.  You could put on a question and answer seminar with your customers.  I could go on and on with different ways you could use video conferencing.  This is one highly powerful high tech tool that is highly engaging and is second only to doing a dynamic in person presentation. 

I am all for taking advantage of and embracing technology to increase efficiency but not at the expense of personal connections.  Be sure to check out these high tech tools to create that high touch connection with your customers that will have them wowed and coming back for more.  

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