5 Tips To Learn How To Let Go

"5 Tips To Learn How To Let Go"

Life is filed with challenges. No one escapes challenges. They are many different forms of them yet, they remain challenges and we, human beings, have been given the tool, the task and the time to face them all.

While facing challenges implies, most of the time, having to fight, battle and experience hardship, sometimes, another way is possible. Indeed more than possible, this other way happens to reveal new potential for it releases a highly healing and empowering learning. The Wisdom of Surrender and letting go.

Here a 5 tips to help you learn how to let go and access to the flow of Life where motion is taking you where Life is and therefore where your Greatness lies.

1).  Understand Surrender

Surrender isn’t a “giving up” experience. It is a true strength experience that comes from Faith and Self-trust. This is the most ultimate experience for a human being whose Life is built on holding onto what it knows as right for fear of change. You must agree to open to the possibility that what you have always believed as true may have been distorted and then be willing to listen to another truth.

2).  Embrace Surrender

Surrender can only be embraced once you understand its motive and its existence. Surrender is the only space where you consciously admit that you are vulnerable and that you weave your control to a higher power to guide you. Whether you call it God, Universe, Energy or nothing, surrender connects you to that very “higher-power”. This is the space, where miracles are seen.
"5 Tips To Learn How To Let Go"

3).  Rejoice through surrender

Because surrender gives you a privilege connection to your Source, your humility is the first ever aspect that you must bring forth. Humility implies the recognition that what your thoughts, fears, plans, expectations and desires are all legitimate and yet that each of them must be given a life not for what they will bring at the end but what they will teach you along the way. Your most gratifying life doesn’t come when you succeed. It is revealed throughout the road to success. Surrender the need to get to your destination and rejoice through the steps it takes to walk towards it.

4). Accept to surrender to your vulnerability

What humankind must realize is that surrendering isn’t about a strength, a skill or a talent. To surrender means to allow vulnerability to be felt, expressed and shared. Realize that true strength has no reason to step into a picture that has not claim vulnerability in it. Strength, being the polar opposite of vulnerability, must await for “temporary weakness” to be seen before stepping in. One of the most efficient way to surrender is to admit, accept and embrace your vulnerability as being part of your most human side. 

5).  Trust in the goodness of Life

Letting go of what you believe, feel, have and hold in the present moment cannot happen until you truly know that what has to come next is greater than what you presently see. Realize that the basic foundation of the mind is to hold onto what it sees now as the best it can experience. Give it some hope or a way to envision something greater and it will surrender with much more grace and much more willingness. Believe in the goodness of Life is essential to step into surrender and experience the bliss of walking on an invisible bridge knowing that it exists and ultimately leads you to a greater sense of empowerment and happiness.

"5 Tips To Learn How To Let Go"

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Thank you for sharing the post Amit! _/|_

  2. Anonymous says:

    claim = some ???

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a small problem with #5 – Why can we not just surrender to life, good or bad? I am very – very – old – and am willing to surrender to death. But I don’t see the need to drag good and bad into it.

    • Your point is valid Karelrei.. let me bring clarity to this from my perspective. The Goodness I mentioned is closer to simplicity, easiness, lightness and authenticity than the “Good”/”wrong” you may have understood. The choice of the word “Goodness” may not have been, in some ways, the most accurate. Thank you for bringing this point! Have a great day! Many Blessings..

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