5 Most Empowering Ways To Relax

"5 Most Empowering Ways To Relax"

Of all the contemporary factors to the human unhappiness, stress appears as the number 1 suspect onto which our awareness must be brought. It surrounds our modern lifestyle. It asphyxiates our sense of freedom and more so it ruins our sense of connection.

While most of us is running towards success and achievement, we encounter moments when, success on its own can no longer justify our health issues, our lack of sleep or our inability to relate to others and find ways to simply be. 

One of the first duties we owe to our Life is taking care of the body that carries it, nurturing the mind that reveals it and rejoice in the beauty of the Soul that holds it.

Here is a list of the top 5 most relaxing ways to exist. Take a moment, sit back, relax and enjoy the words :

1). Find your breath. I am Breath

While breathing is the most essential process of the human experience, we have forgotten that bringing a conscious awareness to it creates the most powerful way for Life to be regenerated from within.

Indeed, a conscious breath has the power to renew, the blood stream, clear the mind, inspire new thoughts, create space between thoughts and make room for expansion.

It is with a breath that you entered in this world. It is within the breath that you can journey back to you. ~Aline

2). Envision your dream: I am Magic

The reality we experience tends to suck the energy out of our system in a very short amount of time. Every thought that doesn’t nurture the Soul leaks energy out and lowers the creative potential of the mind. In the most open way, take a moment to journal your dream Life.

Let your mind wander in unknown landscapes that make you heart beat stronger and infuse joy in your emotional field. Each feeling and thought of a dream naturally elevate the vibrational field of your energetic system giving an essential boost to your reinvent yourself anew. One of the best ways to free stress and transform its energy into positive fuel for Life.

There is as much magic in your self as there is in the entire universe. ~Aline

3). Claim your Truth: I am Peace

The subjectivity of the mind is simultaneously our greatest enemy as well as our most intimate ally. While one thought has the power to turn a day into a gloomy moment, it inversely and as powerfully has the power to bring sunshine to it.

A simple yet true statement about your Self holds that power. Claim your most relaxing Truth: I am Peace with a focused intention to shower your Self with Peace. Let your body remember the very essence of its Source and let it vibrate out like the ripple effect of a stone thrown in a calm pond.

Peace isn’t a circumstances to achieve. It is a Truth to remember. ~Aline

4). Follow the Muse: I am Curiosity

The mind needs a structure where it finds a sense of safety through boundaries. While structure is necessary for Life to grow, it may, at times, give a sense of limitation that reduces our creative potential and our sense of empowerment. Give the mind a new playground  where its material (thoughts) are free to move. This room is inspiration.

Let the mind be one of a child again, curious of exploration and driven by discovery. The capacity for the thought to travel further and reach new height frees is done using the energy that has no room within the structure and is simply demanding a new space.

Life can only be travelled through the ever-changing landscape of the heart. ~Aline

5). Calm the noise: I am Soul

Each and every time your mind keeps you busy with a noisy stream of consciousness, it becomes the distractor of your Peace. Your deepest connection happens at the Soul level and while you are always connected to it, the tumultuous mindful river creates disturbances within the peaceful waters of your Truth.

Take every chance you get to connect with your Soul as it is the most natural anti-depressant there is.

The most beautiful relationship you will ever have is One with your Soul. ~Aline

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Wow, what a find! I am definitely bookmarking this important post for future reference. My favorite line is: (Stress) asphyxiates our sense of freedom. I completely agree, it’s so important to reach inside and take a moment of composure when stress gets to you. Today is an especially stressful day, so the timing of discovering this post was perfect!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great 5 reminders, but more than that really… these are actions we should take to reclaim & renew our life’s direction, ensuring we are on the right path forward. Thanks!

  3. jason says:

    A very meaningful post.Something I would love to read and remind myself often. Thanks.

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