Types Of dSLR Lenses For Photography

"Types Of dSLR Lenses For Photography"

If you’re intending to buy a dSLR camera, you should also ponder over the kind of lens you’ll using along with it. In today’s day and age when dSLR are constantly evolving it’s best to invest in a lens as it can be used on different camera bodies.

Here is a look at some most commonly used lens types :

1). Standard

Most cameras today come with a standard kit lens that covers a focal length range of about 18-55 mm. The standard focal length magnification in lenses today is 35 mm. Standard lenses are capable of offering modest wide angle settings and a modest telephoto effect.

2). Prime Lens

"Types Of dSLR Lenses For Photography"

These lenses have a fixed focal length with the ‘Nifty Fifty’ 50 mm lens being the most popular. It is ideal for portraits and due to its wide aperture opening(f2.0, f1.8, etc) you get a very shallow depth in your photpographs.

3). Superzoom

"Types Of dSLR Lenses For Photography"

Superzoom lenses cover a wide range of shooting situations. Aimed at a professional user these lenses have a focal length range of about 18-200 mm or 18-250 mm. At maximum zoom, you have to have a very steady hand else you will get shaky images.

4). Wideangle

"Types Of dSLR Lenses For Photography"

If you want to capture sweeping landscape that is to fit wide range of a scenery in your focal range, a wideangle lenses helps. The focal length of a wideangle lens is less than 35 mm. The shorter the focal length the more the number of objects you can fit in your range. For Example : A 20 mm lens is wide enough to capture an expansive landscape.

5). Telephoto Zoom

"Types Of dSLR Lenses For Photography"

Meant for sports, action and wildlife photography. telephoto zoom lenses in the range of 200-300 mm are used. Super telephoto lenses are used by professional photographers although such lenses are not widely uses due to their high  price.

6). Fisheye

"Types Of dSLR Lenses For Photography"

Fisheye lens is a type of wideangle lens which got popular among photographers due to its hemispherical effect. A fisheye lens gives a distorted one-off result in your pictures which can’t be obtained from other lenses. These were widely used by the meteorology department to study formation of clouds and are also called whole sky lenses. These are quite popular among enthusiast photographers due to it’s ability to bend straight looking objects.

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  2. Thank you Amit, this is great info! I need to check out the fisheye lens…looks really cool!

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