The 5 Virtues Of The Successful Lover

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"The 5 Virtues Of The Successful Lover"

What would be life without Love? Little would humanity know about itself unless Love was showing it the way. Although Love has always been the path to reveal Life, it takes lovers to actually show it. There is a great responsibility in wishing to be a lover. Indeed, with the power that he holds, the Lover isn’t only one whose heart knows love but more so he is one whose mind recognizes its world as nothing else but Love.

To Love and be Loved is the ultimate journey into this life and only one with a purity of intention and a peace of mind can walk it with the strength to carry on.

Here are the 5 virtues of the Lover. They represent the foundation of his kingdom, therefore the principles of his ruling. While the development of these virtues demands great focus and great discipline, the reward is priceless.

1). Kindness

The virtue of the heart that knows the essence of the Source. Kindness is the space where gentle thoughts, gentle actions and gentle feelings are expressed. The expression of Life is felt as a caress from the Soul onto all that is expressed within and around.

2). Compassion

This space is a privileged territory for Love for there is no limitation for its sharing. The flow is endlessly flowing between heart and Soul out of knowing the goodness of the Soul that inhabits each and every living creature. it is the ability to feel empathy for another being who appears separated and yet vibrating the emotion he feels out of the remembered likeness of the Soul.

"The 5 Virtues Of The Successful Lover"

3). Acceptance

The Space of acceptance is a special inner-sanctuary where thoughts are allowed to land without judgment, be contemplated without critic and be absorbed without resistance. Acceptance has a unique vibration in the heart of the lover. It is the big sister of the other virtues as it opens the sanctuary for the others to find their blossoming state.

4). Understanding

Understanding is related to the intellectual dimension of the Lover. It is the space where all emotions are given a place to be expressed and a space to rest within the experience. Each emotion exists fully and is guided through the grid of the Truth so that they are given a some clarity. Clarity is the result of expressed, listened, respected and cleared emotions.

5). Faith

Faith is the “material” that builds the bridge between the Seen and the Unseen, the Body and the Soul, the Love you are, the love you feel and the Love you share. Faith is the invisible path that the Lover has paved with the memory of his Source, the knowingness of his greatness and the Love for Life.

"The 5 Virtues Of The Successful Lover"

Life is the space of the Lover. Love is the way of the Lover. Joy is the gift of the Lover. Peace is the Blessing of the Lover. ~Aline #Quote

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