Love and Science : A New Dimension To Life

"Love and Science : A New Dimension To Life"

Love has its own kingdom governed by the heart. As a result, its science has its own sets of laws, rules and principles. There is a great deal of Wisdom in understanding that what the mind perceives is one world and what the heart knows is another. While humanity has actively worked at exploring the science of nature from a mindful approach, here is a new scientific outlook on life from a Soulful perception.

Both are equally valid and as their uniqueness brings different understanding about our existence, their combination gives a new dimension to Life. A dimension that lets us perceive more possibilities with fewer limitations.

Mathematical Truth : 1 + 1 = 1 and 1 + 1 = 3 are equally true

In love when two uniqueness combine you get simultaneously Unity and Expansion. Where the mind sees ordinary, the heart knows Life as extraordinary. Its own accounting system is based on the Truth that Life is One and Life is All. In Love, all that is added is at the same time melted in each other or greatly expanded from each other.

The law of Gravity

Gravity’s effect on Life is reversed. In love whenever one falls, he/she automatically rises his/her own frequency.  To surrender the weight of one’s Life to gravity is to lift up the fear and becomes  one with Light.

Mathematical Constant

1 is to the heart what Pi is to the mind . In Love, there is one constant number and it is 1.  It is, in itself and simultaneously, the number of Infinity and Oneness. It is a transcendental number by excellence. By  transcendental, I mean that this is in truth the only number that allows an experience to transcend itself. All must be one before an experience expands.

Time/Space continuum

In Love, time and space aren’t linear. They are non-linear aspects of Life expressed in moments. Within each moment, the concepts of time and space exist as the only true reality of Here and Now.

Biology : The unfathomable nature of life in Love

In love, the more one tries to define and understand Life, the least, it becomes a graspable concept. Following the intangible, the non-conceptual and the imperceptible is how one must do to belong to this world where the Absolute is potent within its ethereality.

The Science of Life in Love is so foreign to the mind that it takes a journey within into the unfathomable to begin to grasp it. The laws that govern this space are somewhat estranged to what humanity has accepted as it reality. While, the world of duality requires its sets of laws to function adequately, the world of the imperceptible Life called Love requires its own. “No one can ignore the Law”

"Love and Science : A New Dimension To Life"

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very inspirational, Aline.

  2. and, heh, love isn’t personal :-)

  3. Collins Blair says:

    Last month on November 13 I devised a new math… love math… curious what you think of it :-)

    Love math:

    Fear: Negativity > Infinity
    Conflict: One – One = Negativity
    Communication: One + One = Truth
    Love: One + One = ONE
    True Love: ONE = Infinity
    True Love Dreams: ONE > Possibility
    Hope: ZERO < Possibility
    Peace: LOVE = Infinity

    Seeing your post I thought I should post it up… so I did. Thanks for the blog and sharing your thoughts. :-)

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