Buffer App : Increase Clicks On Tweets By 200%

 "Buffer App : Increase Clicks On Tweets By 200%"

If you want to make Twitter work, there are a lot of different metrics you can look at. Your followers, your Klout, your mentions, you name it. One that I believe shows in the best way how much your followers trust and engage with you is clicks. It is something that is hard to gamify or fake I found.

Recently, after reaching over 1 million updates sent via Buffer, one of the most interesting questions was to find out whether people started to click more on links from using the App.

What is Buffer?

Buffer lets you put Tweets into a queue. These Tweets will then best posted for you at optimal times throughout the day.

What I like to do here is read for about 30 minutes each morning from all my favourite blogs. Whichever post I find useful, I can put into my Buffer and it will be posted well spaced out at the best times throughout the day.

How Does Your Twitter Performance Improve?

Looking at all users that have started to Buffer their Tweets the results were very powerful:

“People that start to Buffer their Tweets increased clicks on links they posted by 200% within 2 weeks of using. The amount of retweets doubles on average. Finally Buffer users increase   their follower count by 104 followers within 3 weeks on average.”

Now even though that knowing your performance on Twitter can increase significantly, scheduling Tweets has more to it. What are the reasons that cause this influx in clicks?

1.) Releasing your Tweets at an optimal time 

From analysing Tweeting patterns of Buffer users, the most important aspect to get more clicks was to Tweet at a better times according to the study. Buffer picks 4 default Tweeting times which automatically raised the click rate.

Personally I am someone who reads very late at night or early in the morning and by dropping everything into my Buffer I can take advantage of this very conveniently.

2.) Increasing Your Daily Tweets

As a second result from the study it showed that if you are able to conveniently Tweet more frequently, your clicks and retweets will increase dramatically too. So by allowing you to add Tweets to your Buffer from anywhere and with just one click, users could get more content in front of their followers.

The research showed that users would increase their Tweeting by about 150% and so take advantage of this.

You can do this via the browser extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox with just one click

Or even Buffer your retweets right from Twitter.com

Why Should You Build Out Your Twitter Network?

The general finding was that anyone starting to Tweet more frequently and at a better time, would also increase their influence on Twitter. Measured via Klout, the score rose on average by 3.5 points within the first week of using.

Having a strong Twitter network has helped me with many things already in the past and here are a few ideas what you can do with an engaged Twitter audience:

1). Get feedback from your followers on ideas and projects

2). Find a job through your network in your niche

3). Amplify your voice for content you distribute

4). Help and promote others to achieve their goals

What do you think about the results from Buffer on increasing clicks, retweets and followers? How do you go about Tweeting? Please leave your comment & suggestions below.

Leo Widrich
He is the Co-Founder of Buffer a productivity tool for Twitter. His Blog Buffer Blog contains many Twitter and Productivity tips.
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  1. Aline Hanle says:

    Very Interesting indeed!! Being a Twitter-Fan, I truly appreciate this info! Well-done!! Thank you guys! #YouRock!!

  2. Very interesting article! Trying it out.

  3. Myadav says:

    Very interesting article!

  4. Paul Therond says:

    I am not surprised at a 200% increase as the ability that Buffer gives to send out Tweets periodically over a day is powerful.

    Buffer App Review

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