6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories

"6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories"

Get noticed, be productive, have fun, be different be a geek and all without spend to much money to buy expensive gadget. Here i am written this post to bring out some cool and crazy gadgets to amaze others without emptying your wallet.

Many of you know about USB Gadgets They are small but powerful to do our most of work in time of urgent need or while fun. So here is list of some USB Gadgets which you sure want to try. Let’s begin the journey.

1). USB Mini Fridge

"6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories"

This useful contraption isn’t much of a cooler. It is a chillness maintainer. It’s cooling ability at 14 degree celcius and only holds one can. So it is useful when you want drink cool water or cold drink without even want to leave your pc.

2). The Wristwatch Phone

"6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories"

This watch comes with touch screen barometer, thermometer, compass, speedometer, altimeter, stopwatch and MP3 player, this is super-gadget will certainly let you live out your old age old James Bond fantasy. But on the other side as we seen functions it’s also better for sports like athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to be shackled by the restraints of a conventional phone.

3). USB Drum Kit

"6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories"

This drum kit is good for learning purpose for little kids who just want to start. But this drum kit not for those who are serious about drumming should give this a miss and get a proper kit.

4). Magic Pad

"6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories"

A sticky pad of plastic that you can attach to the dashboard of your car. It is washable and can take load of upto 8kg. Fling your mobiles, loose change or any little knick-knacks that you have or want quick access to and watch them cling to your dashboard like mouse on a glue-trap as you drive over any road surface.

5). The iKeyboard

"6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories"

Meant for the keyboard warrior, this nifty little accessory is a bluetooth slider QWERTY keyboard case for the iPhone 4. The accessory hooks up to your iPhone 4 via bluetooth and you can supposedly start typing as soon as you slide it out.

6). Universal Wrist Charger

"6 Crazy, Useful & Fun Geek Accessories"

On a weekend getaway to the countryside, away from it all, the thing that you want to do most is update your Facebook, Twitter or any social network status or make that one conference call pretending to be in office. But you can’t do any of that because your phone battery has run out. In your desperation you start looking for power sockets on nearby trees, with no luck. In this hour of need this wrist charger is your saviour. It’sin effect a 1,500mAh battery pack that you can use even while operating the device. So Enjoy your weekends without any battery run out worries. Have Fun!

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  1. wow!!!!! Thank you Amit for sharing these new gadgets!! Awesome! :-)

  2. These are neat. I love the USB cooler :)!

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