Twitter Quiz Special : Happy Friendship Day

"Twitter Quiz Special : Happy Friendship Day"

While the world is a big place to live, there is one thing that makes it feel smaller. This thing is Friendship. Wherever there is a possibility of Friendship, there is a possibility of bridges that connect people, open their heart and mind to different perceptions and build opportunities for Peace all around. 

Friendship is so essential to Humanity that this should be the primary purpose towards which everyone should work. Although Friendship holds the deepest meaning about unconditional Love, It varies from one individual to another by the beauty of experiences and cultures.

What does the word Friendship mean to you? is what ModernLifeBlogs asked you and here is what you answered presented to you in video. Happy Friendship Day :-)

Happy Friendship Day

Thanks for taking part in this Special Friendship Day (((Smiles)) & ((Hugs))

"Happy Friendship Day"

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