5 Steps How To Learn To Love Again

"5 Steps How To Learn To Love Again"

Love exists at the Source of All that Is. It is ever-present in the essential energy that creates and transforms. When Love seems to hide or can’t be felt as the most natural space to be, the only journey to take is back to the Source.

While there isn’t a way to plan this journey like an all-inclusive “Life-special” packaged into a well-defined plan that you can buy, there is guidance that can support your steps into the unknown. Learning to Love again isn’t about learning to trust another. It is learning to trust Life and yourself.

5 steps guidance offered as a foundation for your journey back into Love.

1). Acceptance

Remember that until you fully accept who you are, you can’t change anything about your Life. The simple choice of acceptance of all parts of your being gives you ownership of your journey and therefore power to decide what stays, what leaves and what must evolve. 

Take a deeper look into who you are and begin to accept the choices you’ve made and the decisions you’ve taken as a true leader. Observe them without judging them. Each of them existed for the moment. Let them be facts without emotions more than emotional circumstances.

2). Surrender the old you

Once you’ve established a list of who you are now, notice what doesn’t serve the purpose of your journey forward. Realize what must be removed from your Present Life and give this “self” a farewell party. Make a tribute to who you were as the most beautiful being you were in the past and agree that this old self belongs there. In your past and past only.

3). Embrace the new you

Once you have made room by leaving the “Old You'” where it belongs, you have a space great enough to embrace the new One and give it the attention and the nurturing it deserves.

Bring density to the greatest version of you. Define with care who you wish to be by simply feeling what you wish to feel. This is how the Universe all around you receive information about shaping your reality.

4). Nurture yourself

Self-nurturing isn’t a luxury. It is the basic foundation of building the Self is the greatest way. Like the child who needs Love and care to grow and mature, the Self born in a estranged environment requires a tremendous amount of Love. The quality of this Love is where the focus must be. Little acts of kindness towards the Self days in and days out build great potential for Love to grow strength.

5). Open to possibility

The beautiful journey back into Love is never about the destination. It is indeed in the journey itself that Love is revealed and that Truth is unleashed. The ability to know that Love has found Home again within your Life is to notice how you have become a magnet to new possibilities and greater opportunities to experience yourself in joy.

Life is a journey to which you have embarked with great potential to enjoy it all. Although, the voyage may seem at time, un-remarkable, the capacity to make it memorable exists within you. When you let Love be your guide, It promises you to give you the ride of your Life.

 "5 Steps How To Learn To Love Again"

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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  1. M. Faizan says:

    Hey Aline :D!

    Your amazing words brighten our day, the joy you share makes us smile & the message of Love that you spread, lightens everything around :D! Thank you so much for all the beautiful & lovely sharing.

    Love is all around, Love is always present, every single object in the reality, radiates Love, Love is a wonder from God that He has given to us and blessed us with so that we feel it all around, as His Love engulfs us from all ways.

    All the love we share, God gives us back in so much more multiples & from ways we can ever expect :D!!! And So, May God always bless you & all your loved ones with Happiness & Love :D!!!

    Thank you for this lovely share :D!

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