5 Awesome Tools to Get Free Music Off The Internet

"5 Awesome Tools to Get Free Music Off The Internet"

Everyone fancies a universal means to get quality music free and easily. In the era of the Internet and digital audio, there is a plenty of smart ways to download free music online, for example conversion of YouTube, Vevo or MTV music videos to MP3 format. Leaving aside the legal issue of this method, I’d like to show you the most efficient ways how to download music off the Internet absolutely free of charge.

1). Freemake Video Downloader

"5 Awesome Tools to Get Free Music off the Internet"

This is a nice ad-free tool to download videos and MP3 from video streaming websites like YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Vimeo, MTV, MTV Music and above 40 others. The most popular is YouTube to MP3 functionality which can be performed with one click only. The software has an intuitive interface and provides fast MP3 and AAC downloads due to multistream ripping technology. It’s advisable for everyone who wants to create an ultimate music collection with minimum time and effort spent.

2). Video2mp3.net

"5 Awesome Tools to Get Free Music off the Internet"

This is a handy online service that allows users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format in a simple manner. To function well, the downloader need a special Java applet. Alternatively, you can install the provided Firefox extension. The only minus that the website overboards with advertising. Still if your Internet connection is fast enough, this is a perfect tool to get free music off the Internet, especially for those who don’t like to overload PC with all kinds of software.

3). Last.fm

"5 Awesome Tools to Get Free Music off the Internet"

This is a largest music website on the Internet with millions of songs to choose from. It lets listen to the favourite musicians and also rip their songs for offline collection. Many tracks are available for free download on the website itself. Moreover, there are several utilities which assist with MP3 downloading from Last.fm, e.g. Free Music Zilla. The download method is simple: just run the tool, sign in at Last.fm and play the audio tracks you want to download, then select the grabbed music and click “Download” button. Recommended for everyone who spends countless hours at Last.fm.

4). Vixy Freecorder

"5 Awesome Tools to Get Free Music off the Internet"

This is a free toolbar both for Firefox and Internet Explorer, which comes with a lot of functions but the main of course is the video/audio downloading module. It works very easily – just navigate the Web as normal, and when you find a song to download, access the Record Audio Tool and click it to start recording. The big plus is that you may record any track wherever you hear it. The big minus is that the quality leaves much to be desired as the tool records all your PC’s sounds.

5). Mozilla addons

"5 Awesome Tools to Get Free Music off the Internet"

Firefox browser allows users to install different extensions to rip music online. The most popular are VideoDownload Helper, Easy YouTube Video Downloader, NetVideoHunter Video Downloader, and YouTube to Mp3. They all are very handy but for Firefox onlly. The developers of these addons are either small companies or just software enthusiasts, so the extensions are rarely updated and may not function for the supportd websites in case of any changes from their part. Still for an occasional use, that’s exactly what is needed.

Thanks a lot friends for reading this. If you have any more info. regarding this tools & softwares mention below on comments. Keep Smiling & Keep Listening Music :-)

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