Water Campaign For Safe & Clean Drinking Water

"Water Campaign For Safe & Clean Drinking Water"

While ModernLifeBlogs is a platform that promote Inspiration, Life-affirming principles, Technology and Health, we believe that helping others promote their own journey is also a way to spread Love. This post is dedicated to Nisha, a twenty-year-old from South Africa, whose Life has taken her from hardship to the realization that nothing, even physical “challenge” could never take away the spirit of Life and Live that is held in her heart.

After being diagnosed with advanced Scoliosis leading her to undergo a surgery, she experienced emotional withdraw and fell into a depression that she balanced with food. Being overweight wasn’t the easiest place to build self-esteem as one of her closed one noticed and mentioned it to her. First hurt by it, Nisha never gave up and used the strength that she held to make change in her life.

While her body was sending her a perception of imperfection and handicap, Nisha chose to perceive herself for more than her body. Here what happened in her words:

“I was watching The Oprah Winfrey Show – as I always did – but this particular episode featured a young woman by the name of Kendall Ciesemier -one day after watching an Oprah Winfrey special: on the AIDS epidemic in Africa she took all the money that she had, put it in and envelope and sent to WorldVision to ‘adopt’ an orphan and in 2007 Kendall founded an organization called Kids Caring 4 Kids – an organization which aims to raise awareness and money for AIDS orphans and other highly venerable kids in Africa and to inspire kids to care for others in need. My mouth literally fell open when I heard Kendall’s story but, after watching the show I switched off the TV and went on with my normal life convinced that I could never do something so spectacular.”

After much physical suffering and emotional pain, Nisha had all the rights to give up and remain the victim that her body was showing her to be. Yet, she gathered the Truth within her and felt a call from within. Her Leadership Genius stepped in and she chose Love over fear, Life over lack and power of victim hood.

Nisha started a campaign to raise $6,500 for The Water Project, Inc., an organization that provides clean water to communities all over the world who suffer needlessly without it – by March 5th 2012 and build a well somewhere in the world.

Help her reach your goal not because you have been touched by her story but because she has sparked the leader within you!

Log onto The Water Project, Inc. make a contribution to my Clean Water for All Campaign and be the change you want to see.

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  1. sur says:

    I think helping families get clean water would make so much difference. Charity should always start with the most basic stuff..


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