Twitter Quiz Special : Message To The World

"Twitter Special"

Each of us is born with a gift, a message and many ways to share it. You are the gift, Twitter is a way, what is your message? Less than 140 characters is all it takes to be heard, all it takes to share the best part of you and all it takes to spark a smile, a hope or a change.

In its newest video, Modern Life presents the first collection of Message to the World.

Thanks to all of you who have taken part & shown your support in this amazing fun & sharing your message to the world.

@Amyoscar @Angelacostic @Angie_Mac @Anntran_ @Catalyst303 @Chrislalola @Craigsmartin @CynthiaY29 @Debbybruck @Erica__B @Fey1Isleofskye @Grattongirl @Gupshupblog @Happyjourneys @Healingmuse @Jamarilyn @Jeanettejoy @Jenisefryatt @Julestw @Justdiii @Ksandven @Lindsayfultz @Lorimoreno @Lorishemek @Marysarahmusic @Morsemusings @Motorphilia @Ninibaseema @Ourtownmagazine @Patches219 @Piscesdreamer1 @Purelovenjoy @RdonnellyLPN @Rocksstar10 @Sangitasri @Shegeekxdesign @Shicooks @Slcornett @Swirl2009 @Veronicabasye @Veronicaschultz 

Thanks to those who not in this video but shown support in spreading love & smile to the world. 

@BlondeTXGoddess @MelissaOnline @Hadel @Mistygirlph @kim @tweetiedancing

We doing this every month so be ready & get your answer ready. For latest information regarding blog updates. Follow us on twitter @AmitV_Tweets & @Catalyst303 Keep Spreading Love & Light. Keep Smiling :-)

Amit Verma
He is a CEO and Founder of ModernLifeBlogs & ModernLifeTimes Entrepreneur, Android Fan, Loves Technology, Photography & Spreading Smiles :-)
Amit Verma

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  1. Aline Hanle says:

    Tweeples have much kindness to share. Thank you, Amit, for giving them a space to do so… Bless You :-)

    • Amit says:

      Yes they have much love to share with the world. My pleasure to ask them and put in video to share the inspirational with the world. Glad you like the video & thnx so much for taken part in this message to the world post. Keep Rocking & Keep Smiling :-)

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