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Panamp is an evolution of the native iOS music playback application. It’s simple, yet powerful interface allows you to control, browse, organize and listen to your music intuitively. Panamp’s operation has a natural and ergonomic feel, which you can pick up instinctively.

“Listening to Music is appreciated by so many people, not only for its entertainment value, but also as an expressive and creative outlet,” says Clever & Son’s Tobias Gemperli. “Panamp was designed to enhance that experience while offering an application that’s simple to use, yet highly customizable and feature-rich.”

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Panamp delivers an elegant and ergonomic new method for creating dynamic lists of tracks, called “Queues.” As the user browses the iPhone’s music library–by artist, track title, playlist or album–songs can be tagged and seamlessly added to the Queue using simple gesture commands.

The playback controls remain on-screen and fully accessible at all times, so the user can switch to the next track in the Queue while browsing another album, or using any other feature in Panamp.

The music can be arranged by artist, album, track and iTunes playlist; every section is organized on a single screen. Expanding an album, for example, displays its details on the current screen. There is no need to go back and forth, or to change the views.

Panamp is fully compatible with iTunes and its playlists, automatically importing the device’s music library after a standard iTunes sync.

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Panamp fully embraces Apple’s growing catalog of wireless connectivity, allowing users to import their tunes from iCloud while out and about, and to place their iPhone or iPod touch at the center of their listening experience through full AirPlay support.


iTunes Sync

Your iTunes music library is automatically imported into Panamp whenever you sync, so you can continue to use iTunes as normal when adding new tracks or albums to your iPhone or iPod touch.




Panamp is fully compatible with iTunes playlists, allowing you to arrange your music within Apple’s desktop multimedia management software, and sync the results straight to the app.




Store your music online using Apple’s new iCloud system, and Panamp will seamlessly import your tunes from the cloud over Wi-Fi or 3G.






Let Panamp become the hub of your musical life, by sending a wireless audio link directly from the app to any AirPlay-enabled.




Headset Remote Control

Use all the remote control features of your iPhone-compatible headset with Panamp, including in-line volume, playback and call-answering controls.




Multitasking Dock

Switch between applications without interrupting your musical enjoyment by placing Panamp on the device’s multitasking dock. The app continues to run in the background, and can be resumed at any time.



Lock Screen

AccessOn-screen control of Panamp is always close at hand, with full playback options available directly from the iPhone’s or iPod touch’s lock screen.



Website : Panamp Music Player

Panamp is available now from the Apple App Store, priced at : $2.99 /£1.79 /€2.39.


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