How to Get Started With Facebook Video Calling

"Video Calling"

Facebook announced great features on 6th July with group messaging service & awesome features known as video call with your friends on facebook. Facebook & Skype bring the wonderful experience of video calling on facebook that’s work very well in all browsers. 

This way the conversations with friends, family or office members is more easy. Call your friend right from facebook face to face. But this only allows one friend at one time as compare to Google+ Hangouts we chat with upto 10 people at a time.  Hope facebook also bring that features very soon. Till now have a look what we got now.

Quick guide how to get started with facebook video call :

1). Go to facebook video calling page to get started.

"Video Calling"

2). Once you click on get started the installation process begins. You have to download the plugins to continue the setup process. Facebook application setup named ”facebookvideocallsetup.exe” to install the video calling plug-in.

"Setup Process"

3). As you completed the installation process you can now open chat box to call your friend you will see the video button on chat box.

"Facebook Call"

4). Click on the video button now you able to chat with your friend face to face. This is how you get started with video calling on facebook.

"Video Button"

Enjoy this video calling feature & get yourself into amazing world of facebook with your friends, family. Let’s Rock On!

Here is video version to get started with facebook video calling : 

Thnx goes to my blog team in this amazing test of new facebook video calling features Aline (@Catalyst303)  & Bo Hanle (@AjHanle)

*Update Requirement : Flash Player need to update if not updated you can also download the update from Adobe 

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    i setup the file but still evrytime i click on call, ask me to setup again, what shall i do??

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    It’ really amazing content and good information. Thanks for sharing this such beautiful facts and tips.

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