9 Ways To Live A Happy Life

I recently set my hands on a copy of Zig Ziglar’s (amazing) book “Better than good”, and I must say that it inspired me right from page one. Zig Ziglar says, “There are three pillars to a ‘better than good’ life: passion, peak performance and purpose”.

So true.Then a few questions popped into my mind – How do we make our life everything we wished for? How do we make the best of it? I believe, the purpose of life is to be happy – and make others happy. From what I’ve read and learned, these are some of the ways how we can make our lives truly happy.

1).    Follow your passion :

Do what you love. Don’t go where money is, go where your heart is. There will be many occasions in life where you’ll need to decide what you truly want to do. Follow that gut feeling, it’ll never disappoint you. If you want to do really well in something, passion is very, very important.

2).    Spread smiles everyday :

If someone you know is going through a bad patch, try your best to make them smile. Smiling makes things easier and lightens your spirit. After all, a day without a smile is a day wasted, isn’t it?

3).    Positive attitude :

Positivity goes a long way in life. Why waste precious seconds of your life worrying too much? Remove all those negative thoughts from your mind. Don’t think that you’re any less than the others. Keep your chin up, fight the bad feelings, stay strong and be positive!

4).    Good deeds :

In today’s world, we give a lot of importance to material things. We buy expensive gadgets, luxurious items etc. We shouldn’t forget about the less fortunate. Remember, charity begins at home, but it shouldn’t end there. Do your part, make a change. Every little bit makes a difference. Give!

5).    Cherish relationships :

Life is short. Spend a lot of time with your loved ones. Don’t get too involved in work, that you start giving less time to your family. Family comes first. Cherish every moment with your loved ones.

6).    Stay healthy :

Meditate. Eat good food. A healthy body equals a healthy soul and healthy thoughts. A calm body, mind and soul can help you lead a happy life.

7).    Stay in contact with people who lift you higher :

Don’t constantly be around people who only talk negativity. They will only bring you down. Try to stay around positive people who exude good thoughts. Being around positive people will bring a vibrancy in your life!

8).    Express :

Humans have this intense desire to love and feel loved. Express all your feelings. Don’t keep it inside you for too long. Be who you are. Live out loud!

9).    Don’t compare :

Comparing only brings sadness. “Why don’t I look like her?” “Why am I not rich like him?” etc does absolutely nothing good to us. Learn to accept yourself as you are. Work hard to be what you want to be. Be happy in your own skin. Know that God has made you the way you are for a reason, and there are people who find you extremely special.

These were some of the ways we can live a content and happy life! If you have any more to add, feel free to add your comments.

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  1. Beautiful, Good Recommended.

  2. Aline says:

    Nicky, I love your post! Great content! 9 essential points to happiness! Thank you and Amit for sharing such a great post! Keep smiling, keep sining, keep loving. :-)

  3. Dear Amit and Nicky,

    I haven’t heard anyone mention Zig Ziglar in years, which always surprises me because he is one of the greatest people. Nicky, I loved the clarity with which you made your points and the video at the end, brought tears to my eyes. What more can I say, I loved this post.

    Peace and love to you both!

  4. Two thumbs up! Good advice and super video.
    Debby at http://DebbyBruck.com


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