8 Useful Tips & Tricks Enhance Your Digital Life

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Many of us always want to make our life easy & to do work more faster and in an effective way. So in this way we buy many new great gadgets to make our life easier, faster & to connect with people around the world through social network. These gadgets not only make our life easier & faster but also gives a new dimension to our life.

So here i am written some useful tips & tricks for your phones & tablets to make your life much easier.

1). Conserve Battery

In most mobile devices battery consumption is espeacially high when services like Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, App syncing etc. are left on. Turn them off whenever they not in use. A major cause of battery drain is in the process of establishing a signal and signal reception.

2). Places To Get Your Android Apps

We all know about Google Android Market, but there are many more sites from where you downloads lots of apps. Check Them Out : SlideMe, Soc.io, Handango, PocketGear, Phoload, MobiHand, AppsLib, Insyde Market,  & Getjar etc.

3).  How To Take Screen Shot Of Your iPad Screen

Ever wondered how to show what you see on your iPad to others? Click the Sleep/Wake button on the top right corner of your iPad, and while holding it down, hit the home button. You”ll see the screen ‘flash’ white and hear a ‘clicking’ sound. Now open the Photos app you will see the image thumbnail.

4). Connect Your Android Device To Mac Or Linux

Google’s Android honeycomb OS uses the Microsoft MTP protocol for connecting via the USB port to a system. If you’re worried about how to connect your Android device to a MAC or Linux PC, you will have use Android File transfer and Android SDK for Linux.   Download the Android SDK

5). How To  Get Blackberry Info.

Hold down the [Alt], the cap key and [H] at the same time, to get the Help Me! screen that lists version, app version, PIN, IMEI, uptime, signal strength, battery level, file free and file total. Try on your Blackberry phone.

6).  Take Smarter Photos

Google Goggles launches the phone into camera mode and when you click a picture, it will try to make sense of it. Addresses and contact info. of landmarks are searched, visiting cards are automatically made into contacts, text is not only optically recognized but also translated etc.

7). Flash On Your iPad

Can’t see the stock ticker on a website on the iPad because it renders in Flash? Complete your browsing experience on the go by getting the iSwifter app that claims to enable Flash content for the iPad. Now Flash video and Flash based games too should be within reach.. There’s also a list of supported games and sites that you can check when you install this app.

8). Plan Your Perfect Trip

To find info. of flights, hotel bookings, restaurants near you, street level view of your destination etc. you can download the TripAdvisor app for your iPad or iPhone. Location aware content along with maps and photos of your destination are also available.

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  1. Aline Hanle says:

    Thank you for your research and sharing Amit!! I Like reading about tech and gadget! Rocking the tech world!! :-)

    • Amit says:

      Glad you like the post dear friend. Great that you like reading tech & gadgets they are the future of our living but sometimes we enjoy in living with real nature.

      Thnx for your kind mention & your precious comments. Have A Great Day. Rock On!! ((Hugs))

  2. M. Faizan says:

    Hey hey :D!!!

    There you go my man :D!!! Its amazing that you put Battery Conservation as first :D :D :D!!! That’s nicey nice ;D!!! Because, no matter what device you use, you need to have a good battery level :D!!!.

    I’d also like to suggest that you look more into the Windows platform phones also ;D!!! They might be lesser than Androids or iPhones, but there are still people using them :D!!!

    Nice one ;D!!! Keep it up & Have fun……seriously….LOL!!!

  3. Helpful…Good Post!

  4. Amit says:

    Happy you find post helpful. Thnx for your comment. Have A Great Day!

  5. Amit says:

    Happy you find post helpful. Thnx for your comment. Have A Great Day!

  6. Keri J says:

    Thanks for all the groovy tips!

  7. Jagan says:

    Thanks for the tips

  8. As someone who doesn’t always take care of the tech stuff this is helpful.

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