50 Most Inspiring, Rocking & Amazing People On Twitter

"Inspiring People"

You follow them because they are loving, caring and inspiring. You read them because their content helps, supports, informs and transforms. You look forward to their tweets because they inspire you to feel a little more alive or connected. You RT or FF them because you wish to share the goodness that you feel with them.

They give their vision of the world with the best of what Life has given them. A Heart that Understands that compassion & unity have always make humanity the most amazing experience of all.

They are 50 Most Amazing & Inspiring People To Follow :


1). Alyssa Milano : @Alyssa_Milano

She engages with her followers, love to share great content. Kind heart and love to support everyone. One word for her is she is an real Angel on earth.


2). Kevin Green : @MySOdotCom

RockTheReTweet LLC CEO, Author, Speaker, Traveler, TwitterTips Original Quotes.




3). Aline Hanle : @Catalyst303

Creativity flows in a non-resistance state of mind called the heart She write most beautiful soul quotes which makes you smile & inspire you.  Also inspirational contributor for @ModernLifeBlogs




4). Aine Belton : @AineBelton

Author, speaker, spiritual teacher, & founder of the just launched Global Love Project. See #Aine quotes (Aine is pronounced ‘Onya’ – an Irish name!)




5). Amy Neumann : @CharityIdeas

Positively passionate for: charity, mobile tech, sm, interesting people, writing, China, science, new ideas. Eternal optimist! Good + Tech = Great!



6). Ann Tran : @AnnTran_

Happily Married Spiritual Seeker. Enjoys Travel, Beaches, Wine, Hiking and Photographing Nature.




7). Charlene May : @CharleneMay

I’m a writer. I’ve been afforded many gifts; lost a few too. Luv mygirls sports business marketing fashion boxing history and laughing.



8). Daniela Hoeche : @Just_Dani

Author, Visionary & a Creative Soul that Loves to Inspire People Worldwide.




9). Debra Cincioni : @MomsofAmerica

Mom, Entrepreneur, Technology addict, Musician, Positive.Never Underestimate A Mother!




10). Diana Adams : @adamsconsulting

Graduate of USC, Entrepreneur for over 10 yrs, Writer for BitRebels.com and InkRebels.com, Voice for the Homeless in Atlanta. I’m really into just being happy.



11). Lori Shemek : @LoriShemek

Author, Speaker, Weight Loss Specialist & Health Expert for the 1 ABC Show GOOD MORNING TEXAS! Change your health and you WILL profoundly change your life.



12). LoriMoreno : @LoriMoreno

Attorney Escaped Corp Leader Trends Fun Empowerment Travel Connector Innovation Inspire Miracles Quotes Business PR SocialMedia Your Brand Shine Blog.



13). MARCOME : @Marcome

I’m a Canadian singer songwriter & musician. I do a mixture of pop world music mixed with new age, jazz & ambient voices.



14). Mary Sarah : @MarySarahMusic

Singer, Songwriter ~ Country that Pops! ~ Uber Passionate about life ~ NEW ALBUM Crazy Good OUT NOW ~ Remember the homeless



15). Shilpi Bose : @shilpiiz

Writer| iphoneographer| loves Art n Photography| voracious reader| featured in HuffPost’s FemaleGeeks & Bitrebels BA75| caffeine addict| SelfPortrait shooter.



16). A.R.Karthick : @arkarthick

Entrepreneur, Blogger, Photography/Designing/Social Media – Enthusiast. Humorous, Creative & Positive Thinker. Love to be Friend & Seek/Share Awesome Things!



17). Ruhani Rabin : @ruhanirabin

VP of MOL Access Portal (MOL/Friendster), Web Tech Enthusiast, Social Media Researcher and a Total fun .



18). Jacqueline Stone : @JaqStone

Joy Breaks, plus original inspiration and photography.




19). Sharon Hayes : @SharonHayes

Entrepreneur, Motivator, Domains Domainate.com, Email Marketing Listcast.com




20). Pramit J Nathan : @pramitjnathan

Marketing consultant, author, speaker and trainer, specializing in branding and perception management. Fascinated with social media and a newbie blogger.



21). Misty Belardo : @mistygirlph

Graphics/avatar design, blogger, events, loves art, self expression. social media , writer for Bitrebels.com, co host of @PodJamTV



22). Angie : @SavvyBabii

Love God, hubby & family, quotes, social media, news, randomness.




23). Anthia : @anthia2012

Love to spread smiles all around. :-)




24). Boris Rasonja : @brasonja

Sincere, friendly, curious, ambitious. Review writer,info provider,like social media, web design, photography, architecture, travel.



25). Nini : @NiniBaseema

NewMediaWhore TravelGuru MusicNerd BellydanceChick PhotoshopJunkie PhilosophyGeek FashionVictm Art&DesignLover


"Inspiring Quote"


26). Lori McNee : @lorimcneeartist

Artist/blogger,social media,poetic painter,quote junkie,novice photo,friend to birds/animals,busy mom living a healthy mountain life!



27). Mirijam Rosenast : @glitterglitzer

Bling-, Animal-, Anime/Manga- & SocialMedia- Lover / I love the weird,the funny & the strange. Gadgets, Design,Stories & People.



28). Amy : @BlondeTXGoddess

Social Media enthusiast, lover of all things beauty! I retweet brands, causes.




29). Cynthia Yildirim : @CynthiaY29

Author/Poet/Geek – Love my kids, World News, SL, Science, Films, Video Curation, Love Jazz. Enjoy politics, support human rights for all and Internet freedom.



30). Debbie : @ImSimplyDebbie

Positive,inspiring,upbeat&always living life my own way.I tweet original QUOTES w/ #SimplyDebbie & others as well.I Love God,writing,& chatting w/GENUINE people



31). Jenise Fryatt : @JeniseFryatt

Icon Presentations AV for events, Eventprov Interactive Conference Experiences, Engage365 Community Mgr – staying present & not taking things too seriously.



32). Lilach Bullock : @lilachbullock

Social Media Expert, Internet Marketer, Mumpreneur, Business Consultant,Mentor, Zumba addict.




33). Jeanette Joy Fisher : @JeanetteJoy

Mom, TV Host, Design Psychology expert, author, speaker, teacher, who loves writing, creating, traveling, reading, and driving fast cars.



34). Sarah-Jayne Gratton : @grattongirl

TV presenter, author & producer who is a well-loved social media persona & a key influencer.




35). Sandiee : @psychicsandiee

Sandiee Peters~Author of Butterfly Soul, Para-X Radio Host, friend, intuitive, and PhD Student.




36). Nicky : @rocksstar10

Music maniac | Teen Blogger | Positive thinker | Knowledge seeker | Go-getter | just an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams.



37). Sean Gardner : @2morrowknight

Manage social media at the amazing SeeYourImpact (SeeYourImpact.org) | Blogger at Huffingtonpost & Smedio | Do-Gooder, conservationist, Surfer!



38). Tony Hastings : @TheTop10Blog

Guest articles on a myriad of topics, my own ramblings, super interviews and a lot more! Just good fun.



39). Jessica Northey : @JessicaNorthey

Social Media, Broadcasting, Country & Music Blogger/Writer, Speaker, Columnist AllAccess, OnAir Person w/LOTSA ality.



40). Kathy Meyer : @2cre8

Marketing trends & tech enthusiast. Believes in balance. Simplicity in form + function. Mompreneur. Foodie. Design. Art. Music.



41). Melissa Stewart : @MelissaOnline

Passionista, MavHERick, Entrepreneur & Coffee Addict. Tweeting inspiration & information for entrepreneurs.



42). Robin Donnelly : @RDonnellyLPN

I tweet/talk to my followers. I have many interests and love to laugh. My tastes are diverse and my thoughts are scattered.



43). Dian : @JustDiii

Just a girl with a strong personality but with a fragile heart ;p .. Good at being silly .. Try to Rock this world !



44). Amy Oscar : @AmyOscar

Soul Caller. Finder of lost keys. Saves spiders. Talks to angels. Author: Sea of Miracles




45). Kim Sherrell : @kim

Filmmaker and entrepreneur interested in technology, music, film, culture, media, art.




46). Terri Nakamura : @terrinakamura

Graphic designer & fun person; likes humor, Apple, cool, interesting, design, art, business, tech, weird, pop culture & breaking news.



47). Gina Stark : @SuuperG

Voracious Tweeter & Peace-Monger I tweet travel dance hiking food friends photography green+. Freelance blogger.



48). Marty McPadden : @MartyMcPadden

Founder and host of @PodJamTV with @mistygirlph. An Apple, Mac, iPhone, photo and gadget geek, I can also be found working at ESPN.



49). Iconic88 : @Iconic88

Unofficial Chief Happiness Officer of Twitter, Friend, Ideas Evangelist, Relationships Engineer & Foodie. Inspiring YOU through Social Media & Business.



50). Sherry Helms : @shelms06

The secret to Life is not to rush through it ~ stop and listen to what Life is trying to say.




Amit Verma
He is a CEO and Founder of ModernLifeBlogs & ModernLifeTimes Entrepreneur, Android Fan, Loves Technology, Photography & Spreading Smiles :-)
Amit Verma

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  1. Aline Hanle says:

    Infinite gratitude Amit for putting together this list and including me in it! So many amazing talents on Twitter! Bless You and may all of us know the blessing that you are. Love and Light :-)

    • Amit says:

      Yoohoo!! Dear Angelic Soul. My pleasure to put you in this amazing list. You deserve it angel. Thnx so much for your kind support, care & love.

      Yes twitter is full of great amazing talents. Blessed to find some of them and they becomes my family ;-) Keep Spreading the love & light. ((Hugs))

  2. Wow Amit, what an amazing list, most are familiar faces and always welcome in the Twitter stream, one or two new ones who I am delighted to follow.

    Thanks ever so much for including me in such stellar company, there is of course room for one more Amit and you should have included yourself :-)

    • Amit says:

      Yes Sir many you find similar faces on the blog. They all are amazing tweets which i got to know such a blessing to know all of you.

      Glad you like the post & love your kind comment. Rock On!!


  3. Lionel Faleiro says:

    Definitely a neat list to follow and interact with. Some who I know and the others who I definitely I will love!

    The 51st person definitely needs to be you Amit!

  4. Great post, Amit – these are truly amazing people.

  5. WOW! So thrilled to be included in this amazing list. Thanks so much xxx

  6. WOW! So thrilled to be included in this amazing list. Thanks so much xxx

    • Amit says:

      Yoohoo!! Dear! Your Welcome Always. Glad you like the post. Thnx for your kind comment & always love your wonderful support. Have A Great Day.

      Keep Smiling :-) ((Hugs))

  7. Simi BG says:

    Cool! Need to start following these great twitters after wearing my gear to tweet regularly :)

  8. Simi BG says:

    Cool! Need to start following these great twitters after wearing my gear to tweet regularly :)

  9. arkarthick says:

    Amazing list bro. Very glad to be in it. Thank you very much. :)

  10. Hey Man Kudos to you for including in this fabulously fantastic people. My gratitude goes to all of the people in this list. They have been my family for a very long time.

    • Amit says:

      That’s great bro. Glad you like the post & the people in the list. Your always welcome & thnx so much for the support as always. Let’s Rock On!

  11. Nicky says:

    Thanks for including me! Honored.

  12. Amy ~ BlondeTXGoddess says:

    Thank you Amit!
    What a cool list of cool
    people, I’m honored to be included.

  13. Nicky says:

    Thanks for including me Amit. Honored!

  14. Amit says:

    Your Welcome Dear! Enjoy & Keep Spreading Smiles & Love. :-))


  15. Amit says:

    Yeah!! You Always Welcome Dear Sis. #YouRock the twitter with so many great tweets & awesome inspiration quotes.

    Have A Great Day. Keep Rocking :-) ((Hugs))

  16. What a wonderful post and great group of people!! Thank you for including me Amit. I am very honored my friend. :-)

    • Amit says:

      Your Welcome Sir. It’s my pleasure to see my dear friends always. Thnx so much for your kind support & comments. Have a great day. Keep Rocking!!


  17. Amit, I am truly honored. YOU are the most inspiring person I’ve met on Twitter. :)

  18. Amit, I am truly honored. YOU are the most inspiring person I’ve met on Twitter. :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much Amit for including me in this list of amazing and inspiring people. I’m truly honored.

    • Amit says:

      Your Welcome Dear. Always pleasure to see you dear. Thnx so much for your kind words & support. Have a great day. Keep Smiling :-)

  20. M. Faizan says:

    Truly amazing, great & an incredible list of some of the most amazing & lovely people on Twitter :D!!! Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings to All ;D!!!

    • Amit says:

      Glad you like the post bro. Thnx for your blessing & support. Have a blissful life. Keep Sharing & Keep Rocking! :-) ((Hugs))

  21. Thank you so much Amit :) about as close as I will ever get to Alyssa ;)

    • Amit says:

      Your Welcome Sir. LOL :-) You Deserve it. Keep Rocking & Keep sharing the useful info. Love your great tweets & amazing qoutes. Let’s Rock On!


  22. Anonymous says:

    thanks so much!

  23. Terri Nakamura says:

    Amit, thank you SOOOOOO much. You are just the most wonderful person and I feel very fortunate to have crossed your path. (((HUGS))

    • Amit says:

      Yoohoo!! Great to know you also dear. friends are sunshine of life. Blessed to have you in my friends circle. Keep Rocking!!


  24. Dear Amit,
    Thank you for thinking of me.
    I never think of you as a “simple boy.” You are like a fresh breeze on a sunny morning, full of love and inspiration. Thanks for all the peace you share with the world.

    • Amit says:

      Your Welcome Dear. Wow thnx so much for your kind & lovely words feeling so blessed to have a friend like you. Glad you like the post.

      Let’s spread the love, peace & happiness all over the world. ((Hugs))

  25. I made a Twitter list of these fifty in case anyone wants to follow them all in one place :) http://twitter.com/#!/XBar_Win/fifty-inspiring-tweeple/members

  26. Nana says:

    The top visioneers of the new media…

  27. Ross Quintana says:

    I love lists like this, not only do they reward people who have impacted you and others but it is a great resource to find hidden gems you may not have known about. Nice post.

  28. Ageless Male says:

    thats true a simple word can inspired the whole world

  29. I love this!!! Supporting one another is key!

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