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Being efficient on Twitter is something extremely important to me, especially because it is so easy to spend lots of time on Twitter without getting anything done. One of the most important things is that whilst I want to optimize as good as I can, I don’t want to automate. Remaining on the genuine side of everything and providing my followers only with filtered news and not with a flood is key.

Let me therefore introduce you to 2 great tools I am using, which make my life a lot easier and way more efficient on Twitter.

1).  Never flood your followers – With Buffer

Buffer is a super simple tool. Whenever you read an interesting article on the web, give it one click on the Buffer icon via one of the browser extensions. All Tweets that you add to Buffer will be posted well spaced out over the day. Your tweets are sent at fixed Tweeting times during Twitter Peak times. Of course you can always go back to your account and adjust them to your needs. You can add more timeslots, or change the timing of existing ones.What makes it special?

Different to other Tweet scheduling Apps you don’t have to fiddle with scheduling each tweet individually. You can simply add to Buffer.On top of this you can add to Buffer from any page with handy browser extensions (Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and even add from within Google reader.

"Buffer App"

Other Features :

•  Other features include an analytics feature, giving you the number of Clicks, Retweets and Reach of your Tweets sent via Buffer.

•  Since very recently blogs can also install a Buffer Button on their site in order to make it even simpler to add to Buffer.

•  Pause your Buffer on weekends or create additional Buffering profiles to tweet less on certain days.

2.) Never flood yourself – With Proxlet

Now that I am no longer overwhelming my followers with too many Tweets but gently Buffering them out, I want to see clearly on my own account again.In short, Proxlet is the Facebook “Hide this Post” feature a little further extended.You can stop certain Apps from showing up in your timeline by temporarily muting them with ProxletWhat makes it special?

What is really great about Proxlet is that you don’t have to unfollow anyone to do all this, but you can simply hide them from your Twitterstream. On top of that Proxlet works not only on Twitter.com but is also enabled on other apps such as TweetDeck desktop or Twitter for Iphone and others.It helps me a great deal stop some Apps such as Foursquare or Paper.li from showing up in my Timeline as they don’t add real value.



Other features :

On top of muting Apps you can also mute individual “loud mouths” in your timeline or simply mute certain hashtags. This can be particularly useful if a large part of your followers is participating in a Twitterchat and you are getting overwhelmed by them.

Also you can set the timing of how long this App, Hashtag or person should no longer show up in your Timeline, which gives it a true boost of efficiency.

How about you? Do you use other techniques or apps to increase your efficiency on Twitter? What do you think about the two I mentioned here? Let me know below.

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1). http://bit.ly/l369zd

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  1. Love “Buffer”… very cool simple to use tool that can be implemented immediately… thanks!

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