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It is an honor to have a dear friend of mine Mary Sarah or more well known as @MarySarahMusic on twitter in my blog doing this interview with me. Her true understanding of  way of using twitter is remarkable. Behind the great voice is a great person who’s heart is gold helping people when in need. Mary is one of those people who sing any style of songs. I recommend you follow her if you have not already.

Ques. 1 : Mary thank you for joining me for my first interview. Can you tell us a little bit about your story? When did you started music & singing? & why?

I first started singing when I was 8 and then my dad had me sing in our church when I was 10.  After he heard me do the song for the church, he told my mom we needed to get me some lessons (he’s a musician).  My piano teacher also figured it our when I kept singing my lessons instead of playing them!  My first piano recital I played and sang “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and was hooked!  After I got selected to perform on a concert tour for Kids before thousands of people, I just KNEW it was my desitny so I keep going for it!

Ques. 2: What was the best advice you want to give for upcoming artist & how to use Twitter?

Advice wise, follow your dreams and work hard.  We always say “Hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard” – so always practice practice practice and get better at your gift.  As far as twitter I have 3 rules ~ #1  Tweet and Greet (new people)  #2  Tweet Neat (interesting stuff)  #Tweet Sweet (never get snarky or nasty on twitter, people are turned off by that!  Also, tweet early, tweet often or just go home!

Ques. 3: Who is the person in your life that you are most inspired & main source of your inspiration?

My Parents. Dad is a great musician and mom is the most organized person I know!  They pick me up when I’m down, and kick me to get going when I’m lazy. :-)

Ques. 4 : What is the best feature you like on Twitter & Why?

I like…………the RT!  It’s like getting a warm fuzzy hug when someone RT’s your stuff!  That means you got their interest and they liked it!  So I always say RT and RT often! “It’s SO FUFFY!”

Ques. 5 : How would you describe the music?

My music is COUNTRY first and foremost, but I love all genres.  Rock and Pop come next, I’m really a rocker chick inside wanting to “flip my hair back and forth” LOL!

Ques. 6 : Name the musicians who inspires you & Why?

I’d have to say Carrie Underwood and Patsy Cline along with Loretta Lynn and Connie Francis. I can’t pick one.  Dolly Parton also and of course Taylor Swift – each one has their own amazing contribution to Country Music to give, and each a little different!  Carrie for vocals and Patsy.  Lorretta, Dolly and Taylor for songwriting and Connie, Taylor and Dolly for their perfomrances!

Ques. 7 : If you could recommend people on Twitter {artist, friends.., who would they be and why?

I love ALL my twitter buds!

1). I think though for great information on news an stuff @Buzzedition,

2). For country music and really cool fun @jessicanorthey,

3). For a real artist who will tweet you back @leannerimes and @jimmywayne and

4). For up an coming music @curtisgrimes, @joshcharles, @codyjohnsonband.

5). Also follow #BA75 for the baddest ladies on twitter who are FUN FUN FUN!

Ques. 8 : Name your latest album & upcoming albums & how to get them?

My album “Crazy Good” just released.

Check out more about Mary Sarah at :

1). Website : Mary Sarah

3). Facebook : MarySarahMusic

4). Twitter : MarySarahMusic

5). Youtube : MarySarahMusic

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mary Sarah since late 2009ish. We met on Twitter! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and following your career. You are already a superstar, especially to those of us on Twitter who know you and love you dearly. Congratulations on all your success and thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. LOVE YOU!!! Hugs :)

  2. Sunil Jain says:

    I am pretty much lucky as she’s following me :) I proudly tell all my mates that I’m connected to a great singer =) ♪♪

    ♫ Happy Singing Mary :D

  3. @ellies58 says:

    I have to Agree with Diana! It’s been a pleasure to know You and follow, what will become a rich and rewarding career Mary Sarah! Keep on doing it that way You do! {{{HUGS}}} :)

  4. Aline says:

    I have heard so much about You & read your tweets so often that it is amazing to know you more with this interview! Thank you for sharing more of You and your passion! Thank you Amit for sharing the Love! You Both Rock! <3

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