8 Future Of Communication Gadgets To Discover

How we may communicate in the future can be predicted so some extent by looking at some of the technologies. Amazing interfaces change the way we use technology. Here’s look at the exciting new ways in which we will be interfacing with technology in the future.

Let’s look into the future & discover info. of new gadgets :


1). Paper Phone

Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a flexible smartphone called Paper Phone. Based on e-ink technology, it’s like a foldable plastic sheet about the thickness of a cardboard. It can be operated by bending the corners, squeezing or by writing on it with a pen.


2). G-Speak

G-Speak, was developed by John Underkoffler.  It’s a system which allows users to navigate and interact with data in an unprecendented, visulaly rich, natural and responsive manners.It would interpret a user’s motion to move through datasets without him or her needing to use a computer mouse or any other physical object to do so.


3). Rolling Paper Like Display

Sony has demonstrated a flexible colour display which can be wrapped around a pencil. The screen, although crude in quality currently, are able to display colour and video without being affected by the rolling. It uses organic thin film transistors for it’s circuits which can be fabricated on a flexible substrate thus eliminating the need for rigid chips.

4).  Quantum Teleporter

Teleporting yourself to the middle of no where might not be the brightest idea, but just imagine the potential this technology holds! It’ll be just awesome to travel via a teleporter. No communicating hours and chaos at busy signals. Just press a button and you’re there.


5). Holographic Displays

This is the future of communication. We won’t be speaking on our phones or emailing each other instead  we’ll be using holographic interference patterns to talk.


6).  Flying Saucer

To truly envision ourselves in the future flying saucers are the way to go! We just have to let go the current boring shapes of our flying machines and get these in. That’s travelling in style in the future.


7). JetPack

If flying saucers are the way to travel publically then jetpacks are your personal vehicle for a trip to your favourite joint. Although we’ve seen quite a few prototypes of these, a fully operational and commercial version is yet to hit the stores.

8).  Flexible Transparent Touchscreen

While the concept gaming device in the above picture isn’t real, the technology that it represents is. 3M has developed a new type of touchscreen system that’s flexible, very thin, totally transparent, durable, and capable of resolving more touch points than you have fingers (and toes).

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  1. Aline says:

    Wow! Amazing! I love it, Amit! So Many cool gadgets!! Thank you so much for taking us in the future & sharing what Life is soon going to look like! Awesome post!!!

    • Amit Verma says:

      Your Welcome Dear! Glad you like the post & find useful. Always pleasure to see your amazing comments in blog. Have a blissful life. Best Wishes for Future! Let’s Rock On! Keep Smiling :-)

  2. Shamis says:

    Quantum Teleporter is something I look forward to seeing. The hassle of traveling these days is just insane at times. Nice insight Amit!

    • Amit Verma says:

      Yeah! I am also looking forward to see it. Eagerly waiting to use Quantum Teleporter. Glad you like the post. Thnx for the comments. Have A Great Day! :-)

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