What Does Real Beauty Mean To You?

Beauty is to Life what Presence is to the Divine… One of the most unfathomable concepts of all times and yet one of the most sought in the History of Humankind.

History, Art, Fashion, Cultures, Writing, Poetry, Sciences… there isn’t a dimension of this world that hasn’t been touched by it, not one area of our Life that isn’t looking to determine, achieve, understand or create beauty.
Beauty is a sensorial representation of what touches the Soul. The Soul knows Beauty as the essence of Presence. Each time that an emotion touches the Soul, it offers the mind a glimpse of Heaven and Beauty is revealed.

Real Beauty is an essential aspect of Life. To be beautiful is to express Life in the most natural way. Beauty is the reflection of one’s ability to express his/her Truth without compromising it.


Real Beauty is all about the Presence that can be felt beyond the eyes & that instantaneously vibrates with elegance, charm, grace, self-confidence and Respect. It also is about the Kindness that is felt in the moment and that leaves a lasting memory of genuineness, thoughtfulness and acceptance.

Real beauty is like the reminiscence of a moment held in the heart, when Life was known as harmony and perfect equilibrium. A sense that our cellular dimension knows in its core and that emerges each and every time our life is touched by the most delicate enlivening emotional burst.

Many words have been written, spoken and shared in the quest for beauty. Many more will be… However, while words are being spread, Beauty remains silent and at reach each time you allow yourself to be You. Each time you give yourself permission to share your Truth in simplicity. Each time You open your heart and let yourself be who you truly are.

“Ask the Rose about Beauty and she’ll stand silently in all of it.” – Aline Hanle

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