What Does It Takes To Be Innovative?

Innovation is an amazing space where a daring vision of infinite possibilities meets inspiration to melt into a creative outlet never seen before in that form.Of course, some of us seem to be more naturally prone to express their Genius in that way and seem to permanently exist in this state of being simultaneously with grace and nonchalance.
Yet, the human potential for innovative ideas is so essential to its nature that it also can be remembered and cultivated so that it can be explored and shared.  

Indeed, big corporations that invest time, energy and money into their research and development department understand the value of systematically reaching out to the new to satisfy the basic fundamental of human curiosity and fascination for his endless creative power. 


Why does Apple continues to thrive? Because their vision exists in innovation. This is a vision that is able to let us exist in a world yet to be created. A world where our inner-child can safely express himself without being shut down by principles, dogmas, rules and limitations. Here are the 6 aspects of the Innovative Thinker. These are 6 inner-qualities of the visionary from which his innovative talent comes alive :



1). Boldness:
Think outside of the box. The primary asset of an innovative thinker is his ability to go beyond the seen. Imagination is the power that ignites innovation. He whose imagination is free to wander into the unknown without fear can access a world greater than himself and share it with the world.

2). Courage:
Be comfortable with change. Fearless in his exploration process, the innovative thinker becomes so familiar with change and new that his comfort zone level raises opening his capacity to perceive the impossible already at reach.

3). Intuition:
Listen to your inner-voice. The Innovative Thinker is inspired by nature. Inspiration is a state of being in which he let himself exist without resistance. He follows the flow wherever the flow directs his heart, then his thoughts, then his creation.

4). Curiosity:
Dare opening new doors. The Inner-child archetype is the Innovative Thinker blueprint. Following the energetic pattern of the child whose first spark is to discover what is unknown, the Innovative Thinker gives density to ideas by opening doors never pushed before.

5). Faith:
Trust you Instinct. One of the particularities of the Innovative Thinker lies in the Faith he has about himself, the creative process and the bridge in between. He doesn’t tend to second-guess himself on a thought, nor dwell if it is right or wrong. He acts on it out of self-confidence.

6). Strength:
Be prepared to face critics. While the quest for new ideas is a process of unfolding his Truth,the Innovative Thinker must learn how to overcome an environment greatly hostile to change and held by ego-driven boxes that keep growth from happening. Standing for his Truth and being able to say why not when everyone else says why is the strength he must have.

Whenever there is a possibility of Genius expressing his Truth, there is an opportunity of a new way, new reality, a new world.. ~Soul
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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