ModernLife : Wishes Happy Mothers Day To All Moms

Mother – a word that reminds us of all warmth and love. She dedicates each day to us, so why not celebrate at least one day for her as Mother’s Day. Though our mere presence fills the mother with pleasure but wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day will make her even more happy Mother’s Day can help us to make her feel valuable. Many ways to make your Mother’s Day & make your mom happy on this special day.
So on this special day some of our twitter friends share their love & smiles. I am very thankful to all who taken part in this special day. Have a blissful life. Keep Spreading Love & Smiles :-)
Happy Mother’s Day By Twitter Friends (Video)

What You Can Do On Mother’s Day ! 1). Visit or call your mother and surprise her by telling her you still remember how she used to care for you.


 2). Remember to illustrate your point with reminiscences of your childhood.3). Send her a card or flowers with a poem specially written for her (never mind if it is not perfect).

4). Take her out to dinner or cook for her.

5). Take her out for a dance, and tell her she is your first girlfriend and the first woman in your life.

6). Wear a red carnation with a smile.

7). Surprise her by making breakfast this Sunday.


8). Think of any one woman, other than your own mother, who has been a mother figure to you, and surprise her by visiting her with a box of chocolates.



“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mother”. – Jewish Proverb
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