How To Stay Productive When The Online Buzz Increases

I am sure this has happened to you. One of your posts is doing extremely well and is getting retweeted a million times and hundreds of comments too. Or your product was featured on a noteworthy blog. Or you received an amazing review for your work.

Whatever it is, whenever the buzz around the product I was building increased I observed myself of losing each and every focus.
All I would do is hit the F5 button on Google Analytics, watch my Twitter stream for more mentions or refresh the user count once every minute.It could drag on for hours, without me getting any more work done. And the worst part? I still felt super busy and thought I was working anyways.
Here are 3 tips I am using, which help me greatly to deal with spikes of buzz during my work :

1). Admit the buzz – celebrate it

Let’s not be silly here. We are talking about great success moments happening to you. The best and most important thing to do is to celebrate it. Be happy about it. Tell your friends, share your success on Social Networks.

I learnt that it helps me greatly to move on, if I joyfully celebrate this moment with all the enthusiasm it deserves.
2). Unplug – literally

I don’t know about you, but I tried many things. Apps like Anti-Social or Chrome Nanny to prevent me from accessing certain sites. Rescue Time to even shut my whole browser down. Or other tools to get you back to focus.

Few things worked as well as unplugging – in the most literal sense. In many of these situations I would pull the plug to my wireless router. It was the only thing that worked, because my craving for being in the spotlight would betray me so many times and I would somehow sneak back in.
3). Remain strategic – do one thing at a time

Sometimes, the buzz doesn’t have to be a one time event, but can just be your inbox in the morning, or your twitter account after a few hours offline.

It happens so easily to feel swamped by a huge load of different things to do. Answer those tweets, reply to that comment, respond to this email.
Categorizing prior to these events which task is your priority helps greatly. Personally I start with any support request for the Twitter account of my product, then I continue with email, comments on the posts I have written and finally end up at my own Twitter account.

I never have two of these things open at one point.

Over to you now. Do you know these moments where great signs of success might mean a big downturn in your productivity? How do you deal with that? Let’s discuss it below. Share your comments friends.
Leo Widrich
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