5 Cloud Apps For Your Mobile Devices

Cloud computing provides users with apps for storing, accessing and exchanging data through cloud servers, without burdening the local storage hardware. These apps allow users to store files on cloud servers into a common account from multiple machines, allowing access to the file from any device. You can also use features like syncing, backups and file sharing with these applications.
Here are 5 Cloud Apps For Your Mobile Devices :-
1). Dropbox

Dropbox is arguably the most favored file sharing and storage application for mobile devices. There is an application, which gives you access to the Dropbox cloud server, allowing you to upload and access files in your Dropbox account from different machines. The Dropbox app also provides you with a link to each file in your account so that you can share a specific file with friends or co-workers. There are also features which enables you to upload photo and videos directly from your mobile device gallery without even running the application or visiting the website. You can download and install mobile application on your device for free and with a free account, you get 2GB of storage space. If you want more space then they also have many price plans according to your need.

Website : Dropbox & App : Dropbox Anywhere
2). WebSharing

Websharing is a file transfer application designed specifically for Android devices. The app allows yu to transfer data between Android devices and computers wirelessly via a cloud server. Web-Sharing uses the WebDAV protocol (Web-based distributed Authoring and Versioning) with which users can create new files, edit existing files and transfer data between devices remotely. Another great feature of websharing is that it displays your cloud folder as a locally installed hard drive on all synced devices and machines. Free version does not allow to transfer music, videos or photos and the multiple file upload feature is unavailable. Full version app available for $2.99 on the android market.

3). SugarSync

SugarSync is another file sharing and backup srvice has developed apps for popular mobile operating systems. The app allow you to store, share and access files from their cloud server and also lets you remotly move or delete files on synced devices. You can also copy files from one of your machines to another one without accessing either one of them. SugarSync app has a feature that generates a link to each file by email or via social networking sites. Recipients can download your file without having create a SugarSync account.  You can sign-up for free trail after that price plan according to your need.

Website : SugarSync & App : SugarSync Apps

4). ZumoDrive

ZumoDrive is another cloud storage and file sharing application for a range of mobile operating system like iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7, that creates a virtual drive on your machines that is linked to your cloud account. The folder appears as a local hard drive on all synced devices and your files streamed to your device from the cloud server when you run them through Zumodrive. A unique feature of zumodrive is that it caches recently accessed files to your local drive so that some of your recently used files can be run even when you do not have access to the internet. Free account gives you 1GB of storage.

Website : ZumoDrive

5). GE.TT

Ge.tt is a file sharing service with a twist. While other services give long term storage space. Ge.tt provides you temporary storage space for sharing files rather than storing them. The service is quick and easy, you do not need to install any applications or sign up for an account. simply go to web address and upload your files. You can upload up to 2GB of files and as soon as the upload begings, you are provided with a url for sharing. The files remain on the Ge.tt cloud server for a limited period of 30 days, after which they are discarded. The service is perfect for users who wish to share files with friends or co-workers without having to worry about removing or deleting files and the only requirement is the internet access and a web browser.

Website :  GE.TT

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