5 Best Sites For Streaming Media

Streaming media is by far the greatest influence that cloud computing has had on the internet. Whether you want to watch video from across the world, news recaps, TV shows, tutorials, or funny videos, you’re guaranteed to find something you like at one of the top five video streaming websites.Here’s Top 5 Sites For Streaming Media To Check Out :


Youtube is undoubtedly the most popular streaming video site on the internet today.You can find music videos uploaded by recording companies, tutorials, educational videos, comedy videos, sport highlights and even live streams for some sport or events. You can upload videos of almost any format and the site even gives you the option of HQ streaming. You can also embed video to your blog or website or directly share them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Dailymotion offers the latest music videos, short movies, TV shows and user uploaded videos for online streaming. You can upload videos, create playlists of your favorite videos and subscribe to other user’s videos. You can also use the Dailymotion app for iOS, Windows 7 or Android to access your favorite videos and upload your own videos from your device or desktop.


Meatacafe is a unique video streaming service that compensates users monetarily based on the number of hits on their uploaded videos. This ensures that the videos uploaded to the site are helpful, entertaining and original. Metacafe is the perfect site to make some extra money with original video content, recorded videos or compilations.


Apple Movie Trailers is the perfect site to find and watch trailers of upcoming movies. The site uses the iTunes and Quicktime interface to organize videos, allowing you to browse through trailers by popularity or upload date, and you can search for specific trailers as well. The site offers Hollywood and some Bollywood movie trailers.


Grooveshark is a music streaming service with an easy-to-use Flash-based interface that makes finding songs a breeze. The site is designed so you never have to navigate further than the home page. There’s also a Grooveshark widget, which lets you embed tracks on blogs or websites for sharing.

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