Why We Fall In Love & How It Can Last Forever

Love is what makes the world go round. People fall in Love everyday, every minute and every second of the year. Lives are forever transformed, changed, created and re-invented by stumbling upon the greatest mystery of all. Love. Love reduces the Distance. Whether these distances are geographical or more subtle, they softly fade away with Love.

Here is a list of the 8 most obvious reasons why we do fall in Love & How it can last forever :-

1 – Physical attraction :
Most likely the first hook that brings people closer. This very powerful attractive magnet has little chance to last unless the mental stimulation and the physical appearance evolve together as the body ages, inevitably.

2 – Shared Belief system :
Whether it is religious, political, cultural or else. It gives a sense of knowingness. When two people shared a belief system that allows them to mostly look at Life through similar lenses of perception, chances are that they easily align with the same Truth. The greatest challenge is that over the years, people change, evolve, grow and may begin to look at the same Life through slightly different glasses. Acceptance and compassion are the two assets that can ensure the couple to grow peacefully together.

3 – Personal Affinity :
Similar tastes for Life, activities, hobbies, job occupation, etc… Common interests tend to bring people together because the human being is somewhat programmed to do more than to be. So naturally people who do similar activities gravitate around each others. This relationship can last as long as the two grow older keeping the same taste by expressing their own individuality through it or by o accepting that one may indeed tries something new.

4 – Sense of comfort :
The sense of feeling home. A sense of belonging. The human being’s first need is his sense of belonging. This brings him a tremendous sense of comfort and safety. The day two people fall in Love for the conveniency of the comfort, they enter in a world that gives them a known environment. This has the potential to last although it does limit greatly the growth of the individuals for It creates a relationship of co-dependency more than inter-dependency.

5 – Sexual attraction :
The purely physical desire. Where many may see shallowness in this attraction, others see the capacity for two people to know themselves better. Indeed, to know the Self is to allow one’s intimacy to be lived in a complete freedom.  The many taboos that societies imposed to sex limit the chances for this kind of relationship to last. However, when it does, Sex is experiences as a way to connect the body, the mind and the spirit together.

6 – Social validation :
A social aspect provides a sense of acceptance, success, belonging… As mentioned above, the Human being’s need for a sense of belonging tends to let him focus on outside aspects of Life. A Social Status provides a way to be validated and included in a circle that vibrates with certain dogmas and a certain lifestyle. Starting a relationship based upon outside parameters hinder its lasting potential. The main challenge will be for the lovers to find their own greatness outside of what the status frame gives them.

7 – Chemistry :
Surely the least understood & one of the most transformative. The very often spoken & even more often unexplained chemistry says a lot about the subtle power of Love. As long as the mystery remains the central piece of the attraction, then chances are that the relationship can last for there is no need for tangible evidence. It simply exists. (It usually relates to the Soul Recognition #8)

8 – Soul Recognition :
The last but certainly not the least. Considered by the poet, as the truest one, it is said to  be eternal, unconditional & free. Soul recognition is rarely seen as it appears when the virtues of the heart are brought to the Light. This relationship is called a connection. It exists and it cannot not exist. Indeed, once it has been brought to the conscious mind, it becomes an integral part of one’s Life as one of his/her most essential Truths. The nurturing “diet” of this magical relationship is simultaneously respect, interconnectedness, trust, kindness, compassion, understanding, listening, attention, forgiveness and communication.

To Love is to fire your Soul with a match called Kindness. ~Soul

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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  1. Arpita says:

    true all the reasons are vital..Love is the essence of life that makes us going let it be any reason..cheers to you for putting it all together :)

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