7 Truths About Your Soul

What makes a Soul, a Soul? What characterizes a Soul? What are the universal aspects of a Soul and how do we let them come through? Is a soulful connection a Myth or a reality? So many times, on twitter or Facebook, I was asked what is ~Soul ? ~Soul is my Muse. The artist within.

Here are 7 Truths about your Soul to help you find how to recognize and re-center your Life around the most truthful part of Your Being and get a way to reconnect with your Muse.

1 – Anatomy: Love is her Blood, Joy her oxygen, You her expression
A Soul exists as an energy form in the ether and vibrates at the purest level of Consciousness. The Love vibration is the one that she knows as Home. It represents her most essential way of existence. This Love energy is fueled by our Joy. Inner-Joy raises our vibrational level of energy reaching a height that enable the magic of Life to unfold much faster. You are one of the fundamental components of your Soul’s Life. You are her conscious expression. Her way to know herself in the concrete.

2 – Relationship: Always connected, always available, always supportive
The Soul’s main principle of existence is Presence. She is always connected, available and supportive. This is the most privileged relationship you can ever have. The most amazing friendship you can ever find. “Ask and you shall receive”. She is the divine spark within You and the one who embraces the very qualities of the Divine such as endless compassion and infinite kindness.

3 – Function: Expect nothing, has no agenda, judge never
Her functions are  mainly Presence, guidance, remembrance and connection. Her way is to be there for you without ever intervening with your own will, since your own will is the first given power that is offered to you. However, as your perfect guide, she has accessed to a much broader spectrum of Your Self (conscious and subconscious). This becomes handy when it comes to make choices, take decisions and define who you wish to be and what you wish to experience.

4 – Particularity: Knows You truthfully, knows Life beautifully, knows Love unconditionally
Her amazing guidance is based on her sense of knowing what is. Her path guides you through challenges  with wisdom and Faith.

5 – Purpose: Perpetual flow of creativity, endless access to inspiration, never-ending transformative energy.
A Soul is your closest connection to the Divine. Her “purpose” (as well as her means) lies in the “flow”. This flow is the Muse, the Creative Mind, the Source. Wherever there is Life there is creative flow and wherever there is flow, there is inspiration and creation. The closest your connection the greater your inspiration and your ability to create.

6 –  Communication: Communicate intuitively, use synchronicity and coincidences, use your body as a language
A Soul is a subtle form. Due to her nature, her only way to communication with you is through  your intuition. Through the Life you were given (body) and the world we live in,  she transmits an un-interrupted flow of information of guidance and Wisdom. Your work is to bring enough awareness to your present moment in which the information exists and learn how to decipher the language that she is using. Note that this language, although some part universal, is particular to each individual for it is related to the personal experience.

7 – Interconnectedness: The virtues of the heart let her shine through. The strength of her Wisdom let you stand tall.
The most beautiful aspect of the Soul is its interconnectedness with physicality. Every you experience, she does. everything you do, she receives and everything you experience, she knows.
Thus our synergistic relationship is the Beauty about this miracle Life. What you are is experienced. What you experienced is forever known. Life is a school through which Life experiences Life.

Now, find ways to let your intuition speak to you, trust it and discover that Life is indeed much greater than what you see with your eyes.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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