The Top 10 Attitudes of the World Traveler

While the glamour of discovering new horizons is unarguable, traveling can also be, at time, a little stressful. Indeed, unless you embrace the world traveler’s way, the journey can even turn into a disaster!
Here is a list of the top 10 attitudes to adopt while traveling. Each will allow you to greater enjoy your exploring experience of this amazing world!1). Be prepared

Nothing greater than a little preparation to ensure success! Indeed, while I see no wrong in jumping into the unknown without a net, there is some wisdom in finding information about the place you are about to visit. Become more familiar with the customs and traditions of the visited country, get a few basic phrases of its spoken language, make a list of the places worth visiting, read some historical facts… You’ll find many great guides and practical tourism books in any good bookstores or valuable blogs and websites.

2). Remain curious

Imagine yourself ready to open the door onto the unknown. One expert does it everyday of his Life: The Child. His greatest asset: curiosity! The eagerness to learn, know, seek and scout the new is the first basic aspect of a successful trip. The greater your curiosity, the greater the capacity for awe and amazement of which memories are made.

3). Keep an open mind
No journey can ever be enjoyable as long as the mind finds no room to take on new information and new paradigms. Indeed, without an open-mind, the experience may very well become highly stressful. Give yourself some space for tolerance, acceptance and compassion.

4). Be ready to step out of your comfort zone

No matter the destination, be ready to step out of your familiar. As soon as your environment changes, your ordinary will leave the room for the extraordinary. Your readiness about it is the key to absorb any cultural or socio-economical differences you are about to face.

5). Accept difference, release comparison
Your choice of wanting to discover something new gives you the position of a conscious observer. While this is an amazing space to be, the human mind tends to naturally move into comparing instead of simply contemplation. Refrain judgment. Remain non-critical in your observation. Simply observe and notice.

6). Be patient

One of the most important and yet very hard to get, especially westerners, is the concept of patience. Traveling involves getting to the destination as much as enjoying the journey. Consider all the unaccounted and unexpected details that easily arise throughout an ordinary day. Take in consideration the fact that this is most likely to rise while traveling abroad. So, practice patience anytime you are presented with the opportunity as this will tremendously improve your experience!

7). Practice your sense of humor
One of the best attitudes not only while traveling in a foreign country but also in Life in general, is a good sense of humor. While not everyone may get your jokes, I am referring here more to the lightness of response that one may wish to adopt when faced with an unexpected situation.
Leave the drama where it belongs and allow joy to flow through with detachment.

8). Be flexible

Although you made your preparations and set your plans, be ready for changes and unexpected happenings. Your best behavior in this cases is your ability to be flexible before the circumstances. After all, like Epictetus was says: “Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself”.

9). Reach out

Adopt an open attitude. One through which your heart sincerely wishes to connect with others. Smile, be willing to participate, share, ask questions, listen to the answers, be interested…

10). Be a great guest

The last but not least of our Top 10 attitudes of the world traveler is the GG Attitude, the Great Guest Attitude! Any extraordinary journey begins, unfolds and is enjoyed through the true respect that one can show towards the host who opens his/her space for you to journey into it.
Whether, it is a religious space, a private home, a store, a public space or else, remember that you are primarily the invitee, the visitor, the transient, the foreigner. Although, you also are the client and customer, you remain first and foremost the representation of your own culture on foreign soil. Act and be as you would wish others to do so.

Now, pack light, dress your face with a smile, your heart with Kindness and have a safe trip!

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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