How To Get Through EXAMS And Score High

Once we reach school, our life will be full of tests. Some will be easy and we’ll just breeze through while others will be far more demanding. Exam grades can make or break the final mark you get in your course. It is easier than you might think to get through an exam. In this article you will find some practical advice on how to get through an exam.Here are 10  Tips – How to get through EXAMS :-

1). Get help: ask a teacher or tutor about how to revise, and exam skills – how to work when you are in an exam.

2). Take short rests during your time of work and revision. If your mind is tired, it will not remember well.

3). Plan your work: revise at times when you know you will work at your best.

4). Stay healthy: get enough sleep, eat sensibly.

5). Exercise: you need exercise to work well. Walk, run, play sport – whatever you enjoy.

6). Be positive: stop thinking about the future and failing.

7). Do your best: no-one can do more than this.

8). Be alert: if you feel ill, talk to someone about your worries.

9). But don’t be too relaxed! Some stress over exams makes you work hard for them.

10). Be sensible: if it upsets you to talk to your friends about an exam when it is finished, don’t do it! In fact, don’t even think about the exam you have finished. What is done is done. You cannot change what you have written!

Some More Useful Advice :-

1). If you are studying in the evening, don’t go straight to bed afterwards. Your mind will still be ‘going round and round’ – thinking too much.

2). Do something else, maybe walk or get exercise. Choose something that will relax you, and make you think of other things.

3). Exams are going to be stressful and annoying, but there is life after them, and don’t forget that. The harder you work in the time you have, the bigger the grin on your face when you get those results.

4). You do not need to face exams alone. God can help you. Search for Him. He can be a friend to you.

To accomplish great things, We must not only act, But also dream, Not only plan but also believe. Best wishes for your exams.


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