The 5 Secrets to True Love: Are You Ready to Learn Them?

Whether you are dating, looking for someone or already in a relationship, True Love is always the purpose of the moment. More than luck and definitively more than coincidence, It is the combination of a few Life essentials. Here is the treasure box of the True relationship that invites Love to exist in complete authenticity. Once Love exists, romance has the room to flow effortlessly.

Secret 1: Understand what relationship means to you

The first fundamental of a harmonious relationship is first and foremost the meaning you give it.The greater you understand your motivations about Love, the greater the chance for Love to blossom.
1) Meaningful for the heart
2) Detach from expectation
3)Free from need
May your Love for Love always be greater than your need for needs. ~Soul

Secret 2: Communication

The Freedom to Love gives you the Freedom to share your Truth and express it Always and by All means. Communication is the ability to share
your most intimate feelings with someone else. A relationship based on authenticity creates a safe space. A space where emotions feel free to flow with ease.
The closeness of two hearts is reached on the bridge on which both can meet freely, joyfully, beautifully. ~Soul

Secret 3: Inter-dependency

A successful relationship blossoms as soon as two Souls realize that their uniqueness complements the other without feeding each other. There is much to be given, shared and built when two whole beings have the potential to own their strength and share it instead of feeding from each other’s strength. A soulful relationship is made of two unique paths that agree to cross at the same time over and over again.
Let Love make you whole so that you share wholeness with another. ~Soul

Secret 4: Respect as the Core Value

Another element that brings two together and strengthen their bond is their core values. Without the need for the belief system to be absolutely identical, there is an inalienable force in valuing the same ethical way of living based on Ultimate Respect for individuality.  Understanding, kindness, compassion and forgiveness are four pillars of the fundamental values that connect two souls through the heart in Truth.
Love brings Self to see Truth in everything & beauty in everyone. ~Soul

Secret 5: Unconditional Love

A relationship that reaches for eternity is founded on Friendship. Friendship implies the most vital aspect of Love’s existence. Its unconditionality.
Non-judgment, no condition and no reason are the most essential aspects of true Love. Love is Free and shall remain as so for It to last forever.
The secret about true Love lies in transcending the need to be loved for the Beauty to share It. ~Soul



Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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    Nice & very helpful article. I might share this to the partner i am with right now. :)

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