5 Tips To Make Your Blog Look Appealing & Interactive

First impression lasts forever and this is true in case of your blog too. So make the right impression on your visitors by presenting your ideas in an impressive manner. The points given below may help you..

Make your BLOG look appealing and interactive. Here’s some tips for your blog :

1). Attractive fonts make your blog more readable :

To make your blog more interesting and readable choose some interesting, innovative and creative fonts rather using simple plain arial font. This will make your blog more attractive and different from other blogs. Remember that fonts you using are readable easily.

2). Graphics and photos add interest to any website :

Only text gives your blog a dull and boring looks. If you want to break this monotony then add some graphics to your blog. You can use many attractive templates and backgrounds for your blog to make it attractive. Don’t use too dark background because this will make reading difficult. Use your passport size photo in about me this is the best way to connect with readers.

3). Add social icons and widgets :

By adding some cool social icons and widgets. You make your blog more attractive, interesting and up-to-date. Use social media icons below your post like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace & many more.. This provides readers to comments from various networks and helps in your blog publicity.

4). Use photos that complement the textual content :

If you want to make your text more attractive then use PowerPoint. You can use content as a slideshow and use high quality photos only. Remember that it matches with your blog post topic. To make image look more interesting & attractive try some photo editing softwares like Photoshop.

5). Don’t decorate it too much :

In order to make your blog attractive remember that don’t use much gadgets, logos, photos or loud fonts. Use only limited amount of decoration that will make your blog attractive, neat and clean look.

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